Best 1080p 144Hz Monitors Reviews & Buying Guide In 2023

The best 1080p 144Hz monitors are famous among gamers. A 144Hz display is an ideal balance between high and low-end monitors for smooth gameplay. It’s no longer simply about your computer’s or console’s specs to have the best gaming experience possible. It’s also essential to have the best gaming display.

The refresh rate of a gaming monitor is one of the most important factors to consider since the higher it is, the smoother the motion seems.

Most 4K gamers won’t be able to buy a 1080p 144Hz display soon, but you’ll be able to find them for much less than most 4K gaming monitors.

There are many options for 1080p 144Hz gaming monitors, but picking the ideal one takes some time. We’ve produced a list of the top 1080p gaming monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate. Let’s get this buying guide started.

Best 1080p 144Hz Monitors Comparison Table

  • Features: 24.5 Inch 144Hz IPS Gaming Monitor | HDRi | 1080P 1ms | FreeSync Premium | Speakers Dark Grey
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  • Features:1920 x 1080 144Hz Refresh Rate Resolution Free Sync 24″ Curved Gaming Monitor (Optix G24C6P) – Black
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  • Features:24 Inch Monitor – 1ms Response Time, LED Edgelight System, AMD FreeSync Premium, VESA, Gray – S2421HGF
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  • Features: Frameless Gaming IPS Monitor, FHD 1080P, 1ms 144Hz, Freesync, HDMI/DP/VGA, Height Adjustable, 3-Year Zero Dead Pixel Guarantee,Black/Red
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  • Features: 1080P Monitor (VG259Q) – Full HD, IPS, 144Hz, 1ms, Extreme Low Motion Blur, Speaker, Adaptive-Sync, G-SYNC Compatible, VESA Mountable, DisplayPort, HDMI, Height Tilt Adjustable
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The best 1080p 144Hz monitors are the choice of most gamers. So we have compiled a list of the best 1080p 144Hz monitors with a resolution of 1080p and a refresh rate of 144Hz. So, see our recommendations: 

1. BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510 144Hz IPS 1080p Gaming Monitor

BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510 24.5 Inch

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MOBIUZ monitors eliminate ghosting when you don’t want to communicate but still want to game. They help eliminate input lag, allowing for smooth gaming.

When you game on the EX2510, you’ll benefit from a quick 144Hz refresh rate, BenQ unique enhancers, and integrated eye care. 

HDRi boosts visual contrast and clarity, resulting in sharper, more defined details. Color performance, detail contrast, and image clarity are all customized, resulting in a stunning display.

To provide a mind-blowing color experience, HDRi provides enhanced saturation and balance. A separate sensor analyzes the ambient light and screen content before adjusting the brightness.

For your ideal FPS or RPG look, choose from 20 color options. Innovative Black eQualizer technology shows dark areas without overexposing light parts.

In fast-paced games, ghosting, and blur are eliminated due to 1ms MPRT and 144Hz frame rate. Each quick OSD pairs with input because of Scenario Mapping. Auto-adjust your settings and change the input.

HDRi technology on the EX2510 improves color performance, detail contrast, and image clarity, allowing you to see every strategic element in games.

Its bezel-less design maximizes screen real estate and removes distracting borders that draw your attention away from the activity.

The EX2510 features two 2.5W speakers as well as a DSP with three different sound settings. You choose an audio setting that is appropriate for your game situation.

The DSP and speaker array deliver unprecedented depth, emotion, and intensity for total immersion.

For the optimum viewing experience, Brightness Intelligence Plus adjusts display brightness and color temperature. Headaches, weariness, and eye strain are no longer a problem.

Due to universal support for VESA Adaptive Sync, BenQ gaming displays are G-Sync compatible.

  • Gaming Monitor

  • Wonderful Screen Quality

  • G-Sync Compatible

  • HDRi Technology

  • 1ms Response Time

  • Sturdy Stand

  • Comfortable Joystick

  • Bad Sound Quality

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2. MSI Full HD 1ms 1920 x 1080 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

MSI Full HD Non-Glare

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The MSI gaming monitor offers a 144hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time VA LED panel, which is ideal for fast-paced games like first-person shooters, fighters, racing simulations, real-time strategy, and sports.

With FreeSync premium, the G24C6P can synchronize the refresh rate of your display with your GPU for super-duper gameplay.

Compared to standard monitors, it boasts a wider color spectrum. Colors and details in games will appear more realistic and enhanced with increased gamut coverage.

This monitor will help gamers get the most out of their games by pushing immersion to its maximum level.

These displays are designed to emit less blue light, allowing you to play for extended periods without experiencing eye strain. 1ms response time gets rid of tearing on the screen and sluggish frame rates. AMD FreeSync also reduces Screen tearing. 

Due to the FHD resolution, game titles will seem even better, exhibiting more details. The best gameplay experience is achieved on a curved gaming monitor. 

Rather than illuminating the entire screen and causing certain parts to overexpose, Night Vision amplifies the details in the dark sections of the screen. 

  • Worth for the Money

  • Nice for Gaming

  • Curved Monitor

  • HDMI Cable

  • Height Adjustable

  • Wide Color Spectrum

  • FreeSync Premium

  • Ghosting

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3. Dell 144Hz 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution Gaming Monitor

Dell 144Hz Gaming Monitor

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Play in full HD quality with this Dell monitor and enjoy clear, vivid images that immerse you in the game.

A smooth, uninterrupted experience is provided by the 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate. Rapid pixel color changes remove motion blur and keep you in the middle of things. 

By reducing image distortion and blurring, AMD FreeSync Premium technology offers another layer of flawless gameplay. More customization choices are available due to three user-defined profiles. 

With the redesigned joystick and shortcut buttons on the back of the monitor, you can easily browse and manipulate the OSD menus. You can game in comfort for long periods due to the height and tilt adjustments.

Your display will now appear as beautiful as it performs due to the new, bold design. Unique vents in the rear keep everything cool while working hard, and a 3-sided slim bezel gives wide vision.

The thin and elegant new tilted stand has a compact size that takes you near to the action.

  • Amazing Picture Quality

  • Value for Money

  • Easy to Set

  • Unique Stand Design

  • Bright Colors

  • Good for Gaming

  • Adjustable Height

  • No Display Port

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4. AOC 24G2 FHD 1080P 144Hz Gaming IPS Monitor

AOC 24G2 24" Frameless Gaming IPS Monitor

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You can’t go wrong with the AOC 24G2. It has smooth gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a lot of helpful functions.

This monitor is ideal for individuals on a budget, and its fast refresh rate allows for both low- and high-end graphics cards to be used.

With a stunning IPS panel, FreeSync Premium technology, and a slim border design that minimizes bezel distraction for optimal gameplay, the 24G2 completes your gaming experience.

With a quick 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, you can play your favorite games on this monitor. 

Playing games while surrounded by world-class colors creates an amazing gaming experience. Set your other monitors’ frame rates up to 2x and say goodbye to stuttering and motion blur.

The 144 Hz refresh rate makes every frame sharp and smooth, allowing you to align the frames exactly and experience a great high-speed race. 

The IPS display employs cutting-edge technology to deliver a 178/178-degree viewing angle, allowing you to see the display from practically any angle.

The 24G2 IPS panel shows more than 126 percent of the sRGB color space profile, resulting in beautiful visuals in real colors.

  • Great for Price

  • Ultra-wide 

  • VA Panel

  • FreeSync

  • No Dead Pixel

  • HDMI Ports

  • Display Ports

  • OSD bit Finicky

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5. ASUS TUF Gaming 1080P 144Hz Monitor

ASUS TUF Gaming 25" 1080P Monitor

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The TUF Gaming VG259Q is a 144Hz Full HD (1920×1080) IPS, monitor. It was designed with professional gamers and fast-paced gameplay in mind.

It also has a 1ms MPRT response time and AdaptiveSync technology for ultra-smooth gameplay with no tearing or pauses. 

With a broad viewing range of 178 degrees and no distortion or color shift even when seen from extreme positions, the TUF Gaming IPS display produces magnificent visuals from all angles. Keep it to a minimum. 

It features ASUS’s unique Extreme Low Motion Blur technology, which offers 1ms MPRT to reduce dirt and motion blur, sharpen moving objects, and make gameplay more fluid and responsive.

ASUS Shadow Boost technology improves the overall view while also making it simpler to see opponents hiding in dark regions of the map.

The integrated GamePlus hotkey, which is exclusive to ASUS, provides in-game upgrades to help you get the most out of your gaming experience.

This feature was created in collaboration with professional gamers and allows them to practice and enhance their gaming abilities.

When you’re in the middle of a long gaming session, Flicker-Free technology lowers flicker to decrease eye strain and increase comfort.

ASUS GameVisual Technology features seven pre-set display settings to maximize graphics for various content categories. This one-of-a-kind function is easily accessible through a hotkey or the on-screen display settings menu.

A wide range of multimedia devices can be connected due to the numerous connectivity choices, which include DisplayPort1.2×1, HDMI (v1.4) x2, and an earphone jack. 

TUF Gaming VG259Q has an ergonomically built stand with tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments so you can quickly find your optimal viewing position. The display can also be mounted on the wall due to its VESA compatibility.

  • Best Quality of Material

  • Height Adjustment

  • VESA Compatible

  • Best for Gaming

  • Flicker-Free Technology

  • Integrated GamePlus Hotkey

  • Worst Speakers

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Buying Guide for the Best 1080p 144Hz Monitors:

Buying the best 1080p 144Hz monitor for gaming is not a simple task; in reality, it can be very challenging. Not all monitors are the same!

If you don’t have the technical skills to help your study, this task can be considerably more complex and time-consuming.

In this article, we’ll simplify the process by introducing you to the essential specifications and features to look for when buying a gaming monitor, so you can get the best deal.

These specifications and features are:


If you’re interested in buying a new monitor, you should be aware that there are several possibilities. Choose a monitor with a high refresh rate since anything less than 100Hz is currently unsuitable to enjoy your game.

A 60Hz display is the most common now, however, 75Hz, 144Hz, and even 200Hz monitors are still available.

What is the significance of the refresh rate for gamers? The game will run more smoothly if your refresh rate is greater. The game experience has changed dramatically.


Response time measures how long it takes for a single pixel to change color in milliseconds. Lower response times indicate fewer visual distortions, such as motion blur appearing behind moving pictures.

Response times must be enough to keep up with the refresh rate. Manufacturers frequently refer to the time it takes for a pixel to move from one shade of grey to another as “grey-to-grey” response time.


If you’re looking for a new monitor, you’ll need to understand the various panel types available. IPS, TN, and VA panels are the most often used.

However, if you want a monitor with the highest viewing angles, the IPS panel is the way to go since it also has the optimum color accuracy.

Then there are the TN panels, which have a fast refresh rate and a short response time but have average color accuracy. Finally, you have access to VA panels which are in the middle.


Manufacturers measure the diagonal dimension of a screen from edge to edge. A larger screen size with a better resolution results in a more screen area and realistic gaming experiences.

The most typical sizes for a 1080p display are 24-inches and 27-inches.

If your gaming device isn’t powerful, 24 inches monitor is good. It will put less burden on your system. A 27-inch monitor is for people who have more powerful Desktops. 

You should search for a monitor that is at least 24-inches in size, and even if you are on a tight budget, you should be able to locate a 24-inch 1080p display that fits your needs.


Your computer has many ports hidden behind or beneath it. External devices can connect to USB and Thunderbolt connections for data and power, while display interfaces connect your monitor to your PC’s graphics output.

All of the following are VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port, USB, Thunderbolt 3 Technology, and Headphones.


The most common aspect ratio is 16:9 but you come across some monitors with a 21:9 aspect ratio as well, particularly if you’re looking at an ultra-wide monitor.


Adaptive sync was designed for the video game industry to prevent tearing, stuttering, and judder.

To be promoted as a gaming display, it must feature a variable and configurable refresh rate. G-Sync and FreeSync are the most popular, and it’s worth noting that picking the proper technology is essential.

When you have an NVidia GPU and wish to match it with a display that supports G-Sync for a tear-free gaming experience, G-Sync is the ideal option.

AMD FreeSync, on the other hand, is a feature available only on AMD GPUs. There are monitors in the market that support FreeSync and G-Sync if you want to change.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We will answer some questions related to the best 1080p 144Hz monitors here:

In 2021, 1080p delivers the greatest performance and is the most cost-effective option; 1440p provides the best mix of performance and graphics, and 2160p provides the finest visuals, but only a few high-end GPUs can support it.

So, it’s 2021, and the most recent GPUs are available. 1080p displays outperform 2K and 4K ones in terms of pure speed, reaction, and competitiveness.

If your display supports it, higher frame rates are preferable. The majority of 1080p panels run at 60 frames per second, but higher-end 120Hz screens can deliver 120 frames per second.

If your PC supports it, you can play 4k or higher-resolution videos, but the signal will be transformed to your native resolution, which in your case is 1080p. A 1080p monitor can show around 2 million pixels (1920 x 1080) on your screen.

The answer is yes if you want to play video games on your display. You may make greater use of the capabilities of your graphic card if you utilize a display with a refresh rate of 144Hz.

Response times must be reduced with growing refresh rates to get the optimum gaming display performance. As a result, 144Hz panels should have a response time of as close to 1ms.

High framerates and minimal latency are essential features for gaming displays. A 144Hz gaming display is well worth the money if you play competitive games.

It not only improves your gaming experience by making it more fun and responsive, but it also gives you an advantage over your opponents who use standard 60Hz screens.

The fact that 1440p has more pixels does not imply that it is better looking. If a 1440p display is larger than a 1080p monitor, the image may appear to be the same size, not sharper. Consider an IPS display if you want a better-looking screen.


These are the displays that we feel are among the best 1080p 144Hz monitors on the market, and they are available in a range of price points.

It might be overwhelming to examine all of the facts, so take your time and let it all sink in before making your decision.

Take cautions not to become too involved in the details. Most displays are sufficient to satisfy many users, and the problems we criticize monitors for are generally invisible until you look hard enough.