Best Monitors For WOW In 2023 [Buying Guide]

WOW is a game that needs high-end monitor settings. As a result, we’ll be discussing the best monitors for WOW today. World of Warcraft isn’t your typical game; it’s famed for its multiplayer features, which have made it a favorite among pro-gamers. Using the greatest monitor for World of Warcraft takes the game’s overall experience to the next level.

A decent monitor may make a big difference in how you play a game, whether it’s through resolution, FPS, or refresh rate. There are a variety of monitors available, so let’s examine which ones are ideal for World of Warcraft.

But I’m not done just. I’ve proceeded to discuss what criteria these monitors require to work at their best. Finally, I went through some important questions that you could have.

Best Monitors for WOW

Here’s a short review of the most significant features and characteristics of each monitor.

Review on Best Monitors for WOW

WOW would necessitate the use of a gaming monitor. That’s why I’m producing this easy-to-understand post so you may gorge yourself while playing wow on ultra-wide displays.

I’ll be proceeding on to the product review portion, where I’ll analyze the best gaming monitors for wow. Let’s get started on selecting the best monitor for World of Warcraft without further ado


1. LG 27GN750-B UltraGear Gaming Monitor 

LG 27GN750-B UltraGear Gaming Monitor

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It is one of the best monitors for WOW. With LG’s 27″ Ultra Gear monitor, even if you aren’t a pro gamer, you’ll feel like one. A 240Hz gaming monitor with IPS 1ms response time. 

NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility, lightning-fast response times, various gamer modes, and Full HD resolution are just a few of the cutting-edge features that give you the upper hand. There was hardly little ripping or stuttering. There is less delay.

Gamers may enjoy flawless, fluid movement in high-resolution and quick games due to Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync Premium) technology. It nearly eliminates tearing and stuttering on the screen.

Get as near to real-time gameplay as possible. Dynamic Action Sync takes your games to the next level, giving you a pro-level experience. With little input latency and incredible performance, react to the action, opponents, and every moment.

When gaming, you’ll not be in the dark. To strike or protect against adversaries hidden in the darkness, Black Stabilizer is your buddy. It provides a pro-level gaming experience for improved eyesight and competitive advantage.

With the Crosshair function, accuracy is at the forefront of your gaming. Center-display crosshairs increase vision and enable pro-level precision for greater accuracy in first-person shooter games.

  • Crisp Image Production
  • IPS Panel
  • Smooth Rendering
  • Vibrant Colors
  • No Built-in Speakers

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2. ASUS ROG Strix XG279Q 27-Inch LED Monitor

ASUS ROG Strix XG279Q Review

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It is the best gaming monitor for WOW. For faster response, ASUS Fast IPS Display allows the display’s liquid crystal components to switch up to 4X quicker than traditional IPS panels. Smearing and motion blur is almost minimized with a 1ms gray-to-gray response time.

You’ll get an edge during first shootings, racing, long-term strategy, and sporting events with amazingly fluid gaming visuals. You may use ELMB SYNC to activate both ELMB (very low motion blur) and Adaptive-sync at the same time, removing ghosting and tearing for crisp images and high frame rates when gaming.

ASUS Dynamic Shadow Boost technology improves overall sight while also making it simpler to see foes hiding in dark regions of the map.

With an intended or expected DCI-P3 95 percent color gamut, it offers a broader spectrum of colors. All monitors are factory pre-calibrated with a factory calibration report to assure color accuracy.

The ROG Strix XG279Q uses ASUS’ unique Aura Sync lighting technology to provide ambient illumination that can be synced with other Aura-enabled parts and accessories.

  • HDR Display
  • G-Sync
  • WQHD of 2560 x 1440
  • Fast IPS
  • Backlight Bleed

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3. ViewSonic VX2257-MHD Gaming Monitor 

ViewSonic VX2257

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The ViewSonic is a Full HD gaming and entertainment monitor with a 22-inch display. This monitor’s variable refresh rate capabilities, which are equipped with VESA Adaptive-Sync Technology, completely eliminate screen tearing and stuttering for seamless gameplay during fast-paced action sequences.

A 2ms response time and low input lag setting ensure a smooth screen experience free of blurring and ghosting. A Game Mode hotkey enhances gameplay for FPS, RTS, and MOBA for a game-winning competitive advantage. 

A black stabilization function, on the other hand, allows you to target opponents hiding in the dark while maintaining spectacularly rich colors and contrast for true realism. These features made it one of the best WOWs monitors.

You can connect to your graphics card and game console using flexible connectivity choices including DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA. The VX2257-MHD comes with all of the bells and whistles you’ll need to win at all of your gaming and entertainment activities.

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Fast Refresh Rate
  • No Tearing
  • Connectivity Options DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA
  • Small Size of Screen

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4. Alienware 120Hz UltraWide Gaming Monitor

Alienware 120Hz UltraWide Gaming Monitor

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Alienware 34-inch curved monitor for WOW with IPS Nano color, curved screen, WQHD resolution, rapid reaction time, and native refresh rate of 120Hz. With 98 percent DCI-P3 color coverage, which is a professional color gamut with a wider range than sRGB, you can see colors as they were intended by content producers.

Overdrive’s real 2ms gray-to-gray reaction time and 120Hz refresh rate provide rapid, responsive gameplay without the need for fake trickery. The 120Hz refresh rate keeps up with the action, letting you fully immerse yourself in the game environment.

Full frames are only displayed when the monitor can show them, due to NVIDIA G-SYNC technology,  which means you can say goodbye to tearing and artifacts and get used to smooth, colorful visuals.

Immerse yourself completely in the game with a sweeping, 1900R curved display and a 21:9 aspect ratio that makes every viewpoint spectacular. The curved screen expands your range of view while decreasing eye movement, allowing you to stay more comfortably focused on the game.

  • Large Screen Size
  • Amazing Color Contrast
  • Customized Lights
  • Anti-Glare Screen
  • Curved Screen
  • Expensive

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5. HP Pavilion Full HD, IPS LED Monitor

HP Pavilion 22cwa

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This 21.5-inch full HD monitor features a 16:9 aspect ratio, 1920 x 1080p resolution, and an anti-glare IPS LED-backlit display (2 million pixels).

A smooth picture that looks sharp and fluid without motion blur is achieved using a response time of 7ms, overdrive, and a vibrant color palette. 178° positional viewing with adjustable tilt (-5° to 25°) for the greatest quality at any angle.

For laptop or multi-monitor setups, the open wedge contemporary design allows easy access to VGA and HDMI with HDCP support. The set comes with an AC power cable, a VGA cord, and a power adapter.

For laptop and PS4 connectivity, plug-and-play is available for all operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS. A higher contrast ratio of up to 8,000,000:1 and a stable contrast ratio of up to 1000:1 are all possible with a brightness of 250 nits.

It’s a fantastic monitor for the World of Warcraft game. On a multi-functional monitor with the greatest features at an affordable price, experience WOW. With vibrant colors and 178-degree viewing for the greatest quality from any posture, the IPS panel is ideal for gaming.

For your convenience, a VGA connection is supplied, and an HDMI connector may transform any workstation into a multi-display arrangement. For your home or workplace, you can rely on HP performance.

  • Durable
  • Great Price
  • Amazing Screen Quality
  • IPS Panel
  • Brightness 250nits
  • Adjustable Tilt
  • Some Complaint about Dead Pixels

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6. ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor

ASUS TUF Gaming 27" 2K Monitor

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ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync enables the use of both motion blur and adaptive-sync technologies at the same time, preventing ghosting and tearing and ensuring crisp pictures even at high frame rates. 

A 170Hz refresh rate eliminates lag and motion blur, giving you a competitive advantage in games. Without sacrificing your gameplay, play at an ultrafast refresh rate with the maximum graphic settings.

Integrated IPS technology delivers excellent color throughout 130 percent of the sRGB spectrum, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and 178° viewing angles with minimal color shift and distortion. 

The TUF Gaming VG27AQL1A immerses you in ultra-smooth, ultra-realistic graphics, with 130 percent sRGB and 95 percent DCI-P3 color spaces for more distinct color gradations.

The TUF Gaming VG27AQL1A is designed in the style of a warplane, giving it a dynamic, futuristic appearance. Its simple yet sturdy stand guarantees stability as well as a touch of beauty.

With its ergonomic design stand and VESA-compatible wall mount, you can quickly find your ideal viewing position.

  • Color Accuracy
  • No Screen Tearing
  • VESA-Compatible Wall Mount
  • Faster Gameplay
  • Ultra-Smooth
  • HDR is not above 400nits

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7. Acer Nitro XV272U WQHD Gaming Monitor

Acer Nitro XV272U

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Acer Nitro is WOW 27-inch monitor. Every frame counts in professional gaming. Never miss a moment of the action again. Completely immerse yourself in your games in ways you’ve never experienced before with 27″ of beautiful 2560 x 1440 (16:9) WQHD resolutions to work and game with.

Precision is essential as the activity becomes intense. Experience ultra-smooth viewing with quicker frame rendering and minimal input latency with a 144Hz refresh rate to make smarter decisions faster.

With the newest NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible screens, you can get in on the action. NVIDIA validates each display to ensure a smooth, variable refresh rate (VRR) gaming experience with no tearing, stuttering, blemishes, or flicker at 144Hz refresh rates.

Choose from some gaming and non-gaming modes, each with its own distinctive color profile. Choose from a variety of genres, including action, racing, sports, and more! Customize all of your programs to operate in the manner you like automatically.

  • Crisp Pictures
  • Amazing Viewing Angles
  • Solid Refresh Rates
  • No Ghosting
  • G-Sync Capable
  • Beautiful HDR Mode
  • Backlight Bleed

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8. Dell S-Series QHD Monitor

Dell S-Series 27-inch QHD

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The Dell S-Series 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Gaming Monitor is just what you need if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a monitor for World of Warcraft. The affordable monitor is suitable for both work and gaming. 

With breathtaking colors and vibrant images, dive deep into your favorite games with this Dell 27 QHD gaming monitor. With a 27-inch screen and a 165Hz refresh rate and a true 1ms response time, this Dell gaming monitor provides fast and responsive gameplay.

For smooth visuals, NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility and AMD FreeSync Technology help to reduce stuttering and screen tearing. Adjustable features allow you to personalize your gaming configuration for the best comfort and visibility.

This is an excellent display, particularly for game consoles such as WOW. Only a few monitors come with everything working right out of the box. With FreeSync and VRR enabled, this monitor runs at 1440p @ 120 Hz (1080p PS5). While FreeSync/VRR is deactivated, the majority of the other 120 Hz monitors operate.

  • Adjustable Stand
  • Sturdy
  • Great Colors
  • 1ms Response Time
  • Sharp and Clean Images
  • No Display Port Cable

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Buying Guide For The Best Monitors for WOW

Make sure the monitor you choose has either a TN panel or an IPS panel for enhanced colors, as well as various angles, a low delay rate, and a rapid response time if you want to play World of Warcraft at ultra-high settings.

If you want to get the finest monitors for WOW that meet your needs and have a good reputation in the market, you should prioritize the following considerations:


 Response Time 

It can have an effect on your gaming because there is a technical part to look for, but it isn’t so complicated that you won’t grasp it. Rather than presenting the image, the individual pixels are displayed on the screen. 

It’s a metric for how quickly pixels transition from black to white or from one shade of grey to another.

 Monitor size 

What size monitor for WOW? If you want to play competitively, picking the correct display size is crucial. Select monitor sizes ranging from 24-32 inches when shopping for gaming monitors. In this case, a bigger display will deliver more material than a regular-sized monitor.

Larger monitors are typically 32 inches in size. As a result, using these displays, you’ll get a little more out of your gaming experiences. Getting a 24-inch display, on the other hand, does not imply that you’ll get less content.

 Frame Rate vs. Refresh Rate 

To understand the best refresh rate for WOW, you must first understand the distinction between these two terms: refresh rate and frame rate.

The frame rate is an attribute of the information that is eventually supplied to the monitor, whereas the refresh rate is an attribute of the monitor. All you have to do now is keep this distinction in mind and choose to analyze each one differently.


Having a monitor with a 1080p resolution means that you’ll always be able to view bright, clear pictures.

Aside from having brilliant visuals, 1080p resolution is the most often used resolution. In reality, 1080p games and software companies adapt their services to this resolution.

 IPS vs. TN panel 

When compared to a TN panel, an IPS panel is responsible for more accurate color
reproduction. Although it has a larger viewing angle, it only has a response time of
up to 4ms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Following are the answers to some frequently asked questions related to the best gaming monitors under 300 dollars.

Curved monitors are fantastic if you want to feel involved in the game, but they are a burden if you want rapid access to everything and keep everything in your line of sight. Curved displays may also assist to minimize eye strain, which can aid in the reduction of tiredness during extended, competitive gaming sessions.

In comparison to a comparably sized flat-screen display, the curved screen guarantees that each pixel is oriented toward you, resulting in superior color constancy.

If you’re not playing competitively and don’t require a greater reaction rate, a 75Hz display will suffice. When playing competitive games, though, things alter because you’ll need the highest refresh rate possible. 144Hz is supported in World of Warcraft. In reality, for World of Warcraft, 144Hz gives a superb gaming experience.

In World of Warcraft, FPS does matter. Even if the FPS variations are little, you’ll be able to tell the difference. So, if you’re looking for competitive gaming, 90-144 frames per second should be enough. However, achieving 60-90 FPS does not guarantee smooth gaming.


That’s all we’ve got for the best monitors for wow review. You’ve probably seen around 8 different displays by now. As a result, accumulating this much information will make it simple for you to choose your favorite goods. 

I hope you found the above information useful and clear. If you ask for my opinion, I would recommend the LG 27GN750-B UltraGear Gaming Monitor as a fantastic monitor for WOW. It all comes down to your own preferences and the mood you’re in when gaming, so choose the option that best suits your needs.