5 Best Gaming Monitors Under 300 Dollars In 2023 [Buying Guide]

The best gaming monitors under 300 dollars are in the ideal range of gaming specifications, and it is here that we start to see some pretty amazing features showing out across the market. 

A good display can offer you the advantage you need when it comes to claiming victory on the game battlefield. However, the purchasing procedure is simple, and you must be cautious with your investments.

We have picked the very best options in the $250-$300 price range. We will also discuss the pros and cons of the best gaming monitors under $300 in this buying guide. 

There are so many options available right now that confused us! However, after hours of browsing and significant study, we were able to narrow down the field to our top 5 best gaming monitors under 300 USD. 

Best Gaming Monitors Under 300 Dollars

Reviews On The Best Gaming Monitors Under 300 Dollars:

If you search “Best Gaming Monitors,” you’ll likely come across thousands of options, each with its own set of features and screen sizes.

However, the fact that you’ve come this far indicates that you’re on a budget and searching for a gaming monitor for around $300. Let’s get into our top recommendations for the best gaming monitors under 300 dollars.

Best Gaming Monitors Under $300 Comparison Table

​ ​
  • Features: Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor, FHD 1920×1080, 1500R, VA, 1ms MPRT, 165Hz (144Hz supported), FreeSync Premium, Height adjustable Black
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  • Features: CF396 Curved Computer Monitor, AMD FreeSync for Advanced Gaming, 4ms Response Time, Wide Viewing Angle, Ultra Slim Design, LC24F396FHNXZA, Black
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  • Features: FHD (1920×1080) IPS Display, 1ms Response, 240HZ Refresh Rate, G-SYNC Compatibility, 3-Side Virtually Borderless Design, Tilt, Height, Pivot Stand – Black
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Zulu Atlas Glass Water Bottle Sceptre 27″ Gaming Monitor
  • Features: Gaming Monitor up to 165Hz DisplayPort 144Hz HDMI Edge-Less AMD FreeSync Premium, Build-in Speakers Machine Black 2021 (C275B-1858RN)
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  • Features: Gaming Monitor up to 165Hz DisplayPort 144Hz HDMI Edge-Less AMD FreeSync Premium, Build-in Speakers Machine Black 2021 (C275B-1858RN)
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1. AOC C24G1A 24″ Curved Gaming Monitor

AOC C24G1A 24" Curved Gaming Monitor

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This 24″ curved monitor is in a class of its own, with a 165Hz refresh rate that makes it ideal for experienced FPS gamers.

Not only will the refresh rate of this monitor improve your gaming experience, but so will the 1ms response time, VA panel, FreeSync Premium, and frameless design.

A 1500R super curved panel wraps around your field of vision, placing you completely on top. This unique design will let you immerse yourself even more in the action when playing games.

VA screens feature cutting-edge technology to provide a 178-degree viewing angle, allowing you to see the display from almost any angle. The C24G1A’s VA panel produces rich, lifelike visuals.

Say goodbye to visual stuttering and blurry action by getting a monitor with twice the frame rate of others.

With a 165Hz refresh rate, each frame is presented cleanly and in seamless succession, allowing you to precisely line up your shots and enjoy high-speed sports in all their beauty.

With a 1ms pixel response time, you get speed without the blur for a better experience. Fast-paced action and dramatic transitions will no longer be affected by ghosting.

The AMD FreeSync Premium Technology synchronizes the refresh rates of the GPU with the display, resulting in a smooth, tear-free gaming experience at top speeds.

With a minimum refresh rate of 120Hz, the AMD FreeSync Premium reduces blur and sharpens the image for a more realistic view.

  • Ultrawide Monitor
  • VA Panel
  • FreeSync Technology
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Height Adjustable
  • Glaring Uniformity Issues

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2. SAMSUNG 23.5” CF396 Curved Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG 23.5” CF396 Curved Gaming Monitor

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The Samsung CF396 monitor provides a pleasant viewing experience for your home or business, due to its design inspired by the human eye’s curve.

The screen’s 1800R curvature creates a genuinely immersive viewing experience, allowing you to enjoy large, bold, and magnificent panoramic vistas whether working or playing.

Users can enjoy smooth images even during fast-moving situations due to AMD FreeSync technology.

To eliminate input latency and substantially reduce visual tearing and stutter while gaming, AMD FreeSync automatically syncs the screen refresh rate with the frame rate of your content. 

You’ll see the fastest on-screen movements clearly and seamlessly with reduced blur, graphical glitches, and ghosting due to its 4ms response time. The fast response time ensures a consistent visual experience, allowing users to get the most out of their games.

By reducing blue light emissions and flickers, Eye Saver Mode improves your viewing experience.

For an extended time, read papers, play online games, watch movies, and edit images, you can enjoy a pleasant and appealing vision without having to think about eye strain or tiredness.

With Samsung’s Active Crystal Color technology, you’ll see bright, incredibly vivid colors. Deep blacks and dazzling whites are produced by the exceptional 3000:1 contrast ratio, allowing you can see well even in the darkest or brightest environments.

  • Best for Gaming
  • VESA Compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Nice Picture Quality
  • Eye Saver Mode
  • No Speakers

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3. LG 27GN750-B UltraGear Gaming Monitor

LG 27GN750-B UltraGear Gaming Monitor

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With the 27GN750 UltraGear gaming monitor, you’ll be able to see your path to glory with the crispest graphics and clearest quality. On an IPS panel with a 1ms response time, you can feel stunning immersion.

Gamers can enjoy fluid, continuous movement in high-resolution and fast-paced games due to Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync Premium) technology. Screen tearing and stuttering are almost eliminated. Get the most realistic gaming experience possible. 

Dynamic Action Sync elevates your game experience. With little input latency and incredible performance, react to the action, opponents, and every moment.

You’ll never be left in the dark while playing. To fight or protect against adversaries hidden in the darkness, Black Stabilizer is your helper. It provides a professional-level gaming experience for improved eyesight and competitive advantage.

HDR10 is supported by this monitor, allowing for a genuine visual experience with rich colors and contrast. You’ll dominate and clinch victory with IPS 1ms (GTG), without the drawbacks of excessive speed. 

Because of sRGB, this monitor boasts excellent color fidelity and a wider viewing angle, allowing for even more vivid fight scenes.

For a smoother, faster gaming experience, NVidia G-Sync compatibility reduces screen tearing and minimizes stutter.

  • Vibrant Colors
  • Wide Viewing Angles
  • Support HDR10
  • Dynamic Action Sync
  • Black Stabilizer
  • High Refresh Rate
  • Some Bleed on the Edges

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4. Sceptre 27″ Gaming Monitor

Sceptre 27" Gaming Monitor

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Enhance your gaming experience with the Sceptre 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor. Viewing movies and playing games has never been more immersive or comfortable due to the 1800R Curvature.

Because the curvature closely follows the shape of the human eye, you can enjoy a more comfortable gaming experience without straining your eyes.

This also ensures that when performing routine duties, you’ll have a better view. Reduced blue light from your monitor allows you to work, see, and play for a long time while preserving your eyes from tiredness, irritation, and strain, due to the Blue Light Shift application.

AMD FreeSync Premium helps gamers to achieve the greatest levels of performance by speeding frame rates to at least 120Hz at 1080P FHD resolution and offering low latency to eliminate noticeable data processing delays.

DisplayPort gives a fantastic 165Hz, HDMI 1 up to an astonishing 144Hz, and HDMI 2 up to an excellent 120Hz refresh rate, allowing you to outperform all gaming competitors.

Built-in speakers provide powerful and clear music while saving space on your desk, making them ideal for both work and gaming.

Edgeless Bezel throughout the full panel immerses you in all of the gripping action and breathtaking landscapes of 1080P resolution and 144Hz. Prevents the backlight from flickering intermittently, resulting in a clearer image.

The VESA wall mount pattern allows you to set your monitor in the best possible viewing position, avoid cable clutter, and conserve room for your gaming and workstation.

  • Curved Monitor
  • Contrast Ratio 3000:1
  • Support AMD FreeSync
  • High Refresh Rate
  • Value for the Money
  • 2K Resolution
  • 5ms Response Time

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5. AOPEN 27HC5R Zbmiipx 27″ VA Gaming Monitor 

AOPEN 27HC5R Zbmiipx 27" VA Gaming Monitor 

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The AOPEN 27″ Curved Display with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution gives the best image quality and a wider perspective.

The zero-frame design eliminates the thick frames that are common on traditional monitors, allowing you to see more from edge to edge.

Due to Adaptive-Sync technology, which adjusts the refresh rate of your monitor with your graphics card, gamers will love the 1ms response time and rapid refresh rates. In gaming and video playback apps, the result is a smooth, tear-free experience.

The 240Hz refresh rate increases the number of frames per second, creating ultra-smooth 2D motion scenarios. AOPEN Monitors’ 240Hz refresh rate reduces frame rendering time, reduces input lag, and gives gamers a better in-game experience.

With a slow display, you should never let your adversaries escape. An ultra-fast 1ms reaction time allows you to aim exactly without ghosting or image blurring, and synchronizes your natural abilities with the AOPEN display to help you win the battle.

With every corner of the screen at the same distance from your eyes for a uniform viewing experience without blind spots, the curved 16:9 display immerses you in a world of entertainment. For the best comfortable view, tilt the screen from -5 to 25 degrees.

To provide the best visual experience, colors are changed in real-time. Eye strain is decreased and a more comfortable viewing experience is provided with AOPEN Eye Protection.

With Bluelight Shield and Flickerless technology, you can work and play in comfort for longer.

  • AOPEN Eye Protection
  • 1ms Response Time
  • TN Panel
  • AMD FreeSync Technology
  • Vibrant Colors
  • No Tearing, No Ghosting
  • No DisplayPort

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Buying Guide For The Best Gaming Monitors Under 300 Dollars:

People frequently make assumptions about gaming monitors based on their design and general construction, only to come to regret their decisions later.

It’s because there are various additional factors to consider when purchasing a monitor for serious gaming. How fast the response time is? How many pixels and resolutions are there, and so on?

However, to make things easier for you, we’ve included a list of things to consider while buying a gaming monitor. Simply look to see whether the monitor has these add-ons.

Here’s a short review of the most significant features and characteristics of each monitor.

 Response Time 

Gaming monitors must have a fast pixel response and a high refresh rate. The most common pixel response rate in gaming monitors is gray-to-gray, which is measured in milliseconds.

A reaction time of fewer than 10 milliseconds is acceptable, however, 1-2 milliseconds is ideal. A monitor with a pixel response rate of 4 milliseconds, on the other side, would be enough for gaming.


If you’re looking for a gaming monitor, go for one with a high-definition resolution. Many gaming monitors with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 are available for less than $300.

Your gaming monitor’s resolution should be determined by the graphics power of your system.

Higher resolutions, such as 1440p and 4K, need additional graphics processing power. In most circumstances, 1080p is the best resolution to choose because it is not as taxing on the graphics hardware.

Monitors with a pixel density of more than 100ppi will offer clear and detailed images.

 Refresh Rate 

The refresh rate, which is measured in hertz, relates to how frequently the screen can update or refresh its image to reflect changes.

The refresh rate of most monitors these days is 60Hz, but what does it mean? This indicates that every second, your screen is updated 60 times.

When it comes to high refresh rates and pixel response time, a TN panel is still the best option for gaming. Anything less than 60 Hz isn’t worth your time, and gamers prefer 144 Hz.

A 144Hz panel will outperform a 60Hz screen, as 144Hz is considerably closer to how our brains process data. The higher the number, the better the result.

 Panel Type 

IPS, TN, and VA are the basic types of panels. The color reproduction and viewing angles of IPS panels are superior to those of TN panels. IPS panels provide wide 178-degree viewing angles, quick response times, and true colors.

TN panels, on the other hand, offer restricted viewing angles and poor color reproduction, so choose a TN panel only if you need the fastest response time for fast-paced games with minimum ghosting.

VA panels feature the greatest contrast ratio for the darkest blacks and the finest color relationship between the brightest and darkest shades.

 Screen Size 

Due to the lack of a true industry standard, screen size is the parameter that will be most influenced by personal choice. Some individuals like larger screens, while others want a more compact system.

It’s also important to consider the monitor’s screen size and resolution to ensure that it has a sufficient pixel density to avoid ghosting and provide crisp images.

A 27-inch, 1080p monitor, for example, will not display crisp details and will pixelate. For 27-inch displays, 1440p is preferable. However, 4K on a 27-inch panel would be excessive.

 Widescreen or UltraWide 

There are a few things to consider if one of the ultrawide displays has attracted your interest.

Make sure that the video games you play the most support the 21:9 ultrawide format; otherwise, you’ll be stuck with black borders on the sides or a stretched image.

Ultrawide displays are perfect for watching movies since the 21:9 format is closer to the original aspect ratio.

Finally, the additional horizontal space makes online surfing, working, multitasking, and other common tasks more pleasurable.

 FreeSync or G-Sync 

Another popular single-player gaming feature is FreeSync or G-Sync. The technique aims to improve the visual experience by decreasing stuttering and screen tearing, although it does so at the cost of responsiveness.

FreeSync or G-Sync technology is found on almost all gaming monitors. Depending on the graphics card in your gaming setup, make sure you get a gaming monitor with FreeSync or G-Sync.

 Connectivity Options 

Multiple connecting methods are required for high-end gaming monitors. All decent gaming displays have both Displayport and DVI connectivity, so having more than one HDMI port is always an advantage.

More than four USB ports are also a benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Following are the answers to some frequently asked questions related to the best gaming monitors under 300 dollars.

Yes, 75Hz works wonderfully for all games. For gaming, even 60Hz is sufficient, but higher refresh rates, such as 75Hz, give a quality experience.

A 75Hz monitor offers frame rates of 75 frames per second at a low cost. If you do not plan to change your monitor soon, this function becomes necessary.

The essential point to remember is that one half of the monitor can display one frame, while the other half can display the last or next frame.

This is due to the graphics card can send the next data while the monitor is still reading the last one, causing distortion.

The lower the response time, the better the result.  Only TN panels can use it, while IPS panels can only achieve 4ms. Finally, 1ms is ideal for competitive gaming, although non-competitive gamers may prefer IPS because of its superior image fidelity.

Response times must be reduced with growing refresh rates for the optimum gaming monitor performance. As a result, 144Hz screens should have a response time of less than 1ms.

High framerates and minimal latency are must-have features for gaming monitors.

At a regular viewing distance, 27″ would deliver the best gaming experience. Although 24′′ is good for gaming while 27′′ has a larger field of view and higher resolution, making it a better gaming experience.

The best monitor size is determined by the screen’s resolution and the distance you sit from it. While some people enjoy 24-inch monitors, others may consider a 27-inch monitor to be small. 32-inch monitors are too huge for most gamers.


It’s never easy to select the best gaming monitor for under 300 USD. The perfect monitor can make or ruin your gaming experience because we all have our particular preferences. 

Our suggestions are based on the best gaming monitors currently available, from our perspective. They’ve been modified such that they’re relevant to the majority of gamers.

The rating is based on our analysis, which takes into account pricing and visitor reviews.