Top 7 Best Vertical Monitors for Coding 2023

Do you need a vertical monitor? I’ll evaluate the best vertical monitors for coding on the market in this post and help you determine which one is ideal for you. Vertical monitors are basic displays with a different orientation than traditional monitors. On these display devices, the user can adjust the settings.

They may also be turned into horizontal displays in many cases. They are, though, quite useful for people who need to multitask or analyze long code. However, most displays on the market aren’t designed to be used in this manner. 

Instead, they include monitor supports that allow you to swivel the monitor vertically. Although almost every monitor on the market may be mounted vertically with the help of an external mount of VESA standard.

On a vertical monitor, you may write more code or text without having to scroll down. A programmer can benefit from a vertical display in this way.

Reviews on the Best Vertical Monitors for Coding

Performance, ergonomics, budget, resolution, type of screen and connectivity ports are all important factors for vertical monitors. So, if you’re seeking the best vertical monitor for coding and programming, I can assist you.

I’ve studied and compiled a list of the finest vertical displays for coding in this post. So, after considering many important aspects, I’ve narrowed down my choices to these displays.

1- ViewSonic VP2468 24-Inch Premium IPS Monitor

ViewSonic VP2468 24-Inch Premium IPS Monitor

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The ViewSonic VP2468 is a 23.8-inch full HD monitor with unrivaled color accuracy, which is critical for professional applications. The VP2468 delivers a sleek and frameless viewing experience suitable for multi-monitor setups, with an Edge-to-Edge ultra-clear IPS screen and one of the world’s tiniest bezels.

In addition to HDMI connectors, the VP2468 has future-proof DisplayPort technology for convenient, single-cable daisy-chaining of numerous displays. Furthermore, this monitor gives a pleasant viewing experience and vivid visuals regardless of your vantage point, thanks to superior ergonomic tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment functions.

A 14-bit 3D look-up table creates a wonderfully smooth palette of 4.39 trillion colors, while an inbuilt Color uniformity algorithm assures constant chromaticity across the screen. This monitor has the best Color processing capabilities for professional applications, thanks to its 6-axis Color adjustment flexibility.

3D LUT graph

For photography, graphic design, content creation, and other color-critical tasks, hardware calibration allow you to quickly and simply calibrate the display.

  • Durable

  • Amazing Picture Quality

  • Built-In USB Hubs

  • Ample Connection Ports

  • Crisp Images

  • Border-less Edges

  • No HDMI Cables

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2- ASUS ProArt Display 27″ Monitor

ASUS ProArt Display 27" Monitor

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The 27″ ASUS ProArt PA278CV monitor supports daisy-chaining on DisplayPort and has a USB-C connector for video transmission and power delivery, making it ideal for multi-display configurations. It’s been created with productivity in mind, so it offers a lot of features for that, and it’s well-built, with an ergonomic stand.

In a multi-monitor arrangement, you may rotate it into portrait mode in either direction to pick which way the typically down-facing inputs face, making them simpler to access. With a built-in USB hub and a single USB-C connector that supports power delivery and DisplayPort Alt Mode, it boasts excellent connectivity. 

laptop and monitor connectivity

This substantially simplifies your connections because you can leave your mouse and keyboard attached to the display and connect to your laptop through a single USB-C cable. It can charge MacBook with up to 65W, which is adequate to keep most compact laptops charged while you work.

Unfortunately, it does not support HDR, which is a bummer if you’re a content provider that produces HDR material. It offers good out-of-the-box accuracy and flawless coverage of the sRGB color space used in most web material, but its Adobe RGB color space is restricted, making it unsuitable for photo processing. It’s the greatest vertical office monitor we’ve tested if that doesn’t bother you.

  • Amazing Color Accuracy

  • Adaptive-Sync Technology

  • Daisy-Chaining

  • Quick Color Gamut Adjustment

  • Flicker-Free Technology

  • Ultra-Low Blue Light Technology

  • Poor Quality Speakers

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3- ASUS VN279QL 27″ Full HD VGA Ergonomic Monitor

ASUS VN279QL 27" Full HD VGA Ergonomic Monitor

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The ASUS VN series has small dimensions—this 27″ display has an extremely narrow bezel of only 0.8cm, allowing users a wider and clearer view without sacrificing style or comfort. Its pedestal has a sleek concentric circle design, and the back bezel has a scratch-resistant textured surface. 

The VN279QL is also VESA wall mountable and capable of transforming into a magnificent multi-screen solution.

girl hanging monitor on wall

With a very slim frame and an ergonomic stand, it’s excellent for a multi-screen solution. With Full HD 1080p visual quality and a 178° extreme wide viewing angle AMVA+ panel, it’s ideal for both work and pleasure.

MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) feature for Enhanced Viewing from Mobile to Monitor ASUS VividPixel Technology for crystal-clear and detail-oriented pleasure. The ergonomically designed create a comfortable viewing experience.

  • Best Quality of Material

  • Durable

  • Value for Money

  • Ergonomic Design

  • MHL Function

  • Control Buttons on the Back

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4- HP VH240a FHD IPS LED Monitor

HP VH240a FHD IPS LED Monitor

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You can get the most at home or at work with the almost borderless HP VH240a 23.8-Inch monitor, which comes with an ergonomic stand, built-in speakers, and an ultra-slim design for a reasonably low price.

The VH240a features a 178° positional viewing angle for the highest quality no matter where you sit, making it ideal for tasks that need portrait and landscape mode screen rotation. You may also use a 100m VESA mounting pattern on the rear of the monitor arm to install the display on a wall or arm bracket.

4-way ergonomic viewing includes 90-degree horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) rotation, adjustable height and tilt (-5° to 30°), and 178-degree positional viewing for the highest quality at any angle.

A small and nearly frameless ultra-widescreen monitor with 3-sided narrow bezels allows for a seamless multi-monitor setup.

  • Easy to Set

  • Amazing Picture Quality

  • Perfect for Work

  • Value for Money

  • Sleek Design

  • Multi-Purpose Monitor

  • Weak speakers

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5- BenQ PD2700Q 27-inch QHD IPS Monitor

BenQ PD2700Q 27-inch QHD IPS Monitor

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Creatives and designers may now experience a more fluid workflow thanks to the BenQ PD2700Q monitor, which features three display modes (darkroom, cad/cam, and animation) that emphasize picture details, making editing, producing, and visualizing simpler. 

This new PD2700Q release has a dual view feature that allows for a simple side-by-side comparison of screen contents or multi-tasking without the use of two screens.

Richer visuals are provided by 10-bit color depth, rec.709 and standard RGB color space (RGB), and a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels.

The screen on this remarkable display gadget is 27 inches in size. The display’s resolution is the device’s most notable and noticeable characteristic. 2560 x 1440 pixels is the resolution of this monitor. 

This resolution determines its QHD display. It’s only found in high-end monitors, and it’s usually exclusively utilized by experts.

Multiple connections like HDMI, Display Port, Mini Display Port, USB 2.0, and headphones are all included in the connectivity package. There are USB hubs for both upstream and downstream.

  • QHD Monitor

  • Dual View

  • Eye Care Technology

  • Low Blue Light

  • Flicker-Free Technology

  • Expensive

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6- SAMSUNG 28″ Odyssey G70A Gaming Computer Monitor

SAMSUNG 28" Odyssey G70A Gaming Computer Monitor

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The Samsung Odyssey G70A Monitor features a UHD 4K resolution and HDR400 for unrivaled depth, resulting in a spectacular visual experience that brings your games to life. 

With the ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio, you may find hidden gems or flank foes in complete stealth, bringing you closer to the top of the scoreboard.

You’ll never go back to a standard panel with a 144Hz ultra-smooth refresh rate; a fraction of a second can be the difference between a victory and a loss; with its GTG 1ms reaction time, you’re getting information as quickly as technologically feasible.

NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility maintains the GPU and display panel in sync, reducing choppiness, screen latency, and image tearing. For a competitive advantage, AMD FreeSync Premium keeps fast action sequences consistent and stutter-free.

Gaming escapes beyond the display with CoreSync technology, which matches your games’ on-screen colors for world-blending immersion. With numerous color settings that pop off the screen, core lighting adds individuality to your arrangement.

Two front-facing light panels, specific to the Odyssey G7 line, will enhance your gaming experience. Swivel, tilt, pivot, alter its height, or install it using industry-standard VESA mounting are all available options.

  • 1000R Curved Monitor

  • Thin Bezel

  • Dual Display

  • NVidia G-Sync Compatible

  • CoreSync Technology

  • Ghosting

  • Backlight Bleed

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7- Dell UltraSharp 23.8 Inch Adjustable Monitor 

Dell UltraSharp 23.8 Inch Adjustable Monitor

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The U2422H monitor features a premium platinum silver finish, a tiny base, and an enhanced cable management system that hides connections in the monitor riser for a clutter-free workstation. You may explore and change the screen settings on your display using the simple joystick control.

Tilt, swivel, pivot, and VESA mount to a maximum of 150mm are all available for ideal viewing comfort. This monitor is made of 85 percent PCR, is EPEAT Gold registered, and meets the latest environmental standards such as ENERGY STAR and TCO Certified Edge.

With 38 pre-set window dividers and the flexibility to customize up to five windows, easy arrange makes it simple to tile various apps across one or more screens, allowing you to multitask more effectively.

The auto-restore function remembers where you left off even if you disconnect, so apps will continue where you left them. With a range of connectivity choices, including super-fast USB 10Gbps and quick-access front ports, you can easily connect to a variety of devices.

  • Consistent Vibrant Colors

  • IPS Technology

  • Low Blue Light Screen

  • FHD 1920 X 1080 Resolution

  • Extensive Connectivity

  • Adjustable Stand

  • Costly

  • Not VESA Mountable

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Buying Guide for the Best Vertical Monitors for Coding

People should be aware of some of the features of the best vertical monitors for coding before purchasing one. There are the monitor’s specs, ergonomics, viewing angle, and display quality to consider. It is reasonable to anticipate that higher-quality screens will last longer. These are the most important features:

Viewing Angle

If you’re coding or reading on a vertical monitor, checking the viewing angle is essential.  When working with many viewers, the colors may appear dull and washed out even when seen from an angle if the monitor’s viewing angles are inadequate. So, if you can get a display with good viewing angles, that’s fantastic.

The Display’s Performance

For the greatest visual quality, prefer the best vertical monitors that support 4K Ultra HD resolution over HD and HD+. Different screen technologies (e.g., IPS displays for dynamic contrast with deep blacks and purer whites) are frequently stacked on top of them. LCD and LED displays are often used for brighter displays. Technologies with a specific purpose.

Size of Monitor

When compared to a horizontal display, a vertical monitor takes up less room. As a result, you have the option of selecting a larger vertical monitor. For a vertical monitor, a size of 27 inches is ideal, since it falls between a 24-inch and a huge 32-inch display.

The sale price of any monitor is sometimes determined by the screen size. However, you must first identify why you want to buy the monitor. The size is determined by the purpose.

Ergonomically Design

With varying viewing distances and sitting combinations, the better the ergonomics, the more comfortable. We choose monitors with ergonomically constructed stands that swivel, tilt, and move up and down for the ideal viewing distance and scrolling action. 

When it comes to screen size, we usually go for 27 inches or bigger for more intense apps and less than 20 inches for routine chores like email reading.

The Display’s Resolution

A complete high-resolution display is available on the top vertical monitors. The monitor does not have to be of this quality, but it does rely on the buyer’s expectations. High-definition displays are becoming widespread.

For your workstation, you could pick a Full HD or 4k vertical monitor. You may pick from these options for a display size of 24, 27, or 32 inches.

Connectivity Ports

For other regularly used devices, the best vertical monitors should include at least two HDMI ports, as well as VGA, D-Sub, and Display Port. There are as many as four USB 3.0 connectors on some vertical displays.

Refresh Rate 

The refresh rate of the display influences how quickly the colors are reflected and how quickly the display refreshes. Unless you’re playing games, a refresh rate of even 60 Hz is recommended for routine work and reading. 

If you’re looking for a vertical display to use as a gaming monitor that you can rotate 90 degrees, fast refresh rate monitors are a good option.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the proportion of the monitor’s display. The maximum picture size that may be displayed on the screen is controlled by this setting. Aspect ratios are available on several displays. A lower aspect ratio on a large screen always results in a smaller picture.


When it comes to choosing a vertical monitor, the cost is a major consideration. A high-end vertical display would be incredibly expensive.

However, if we’re working with a limited budget, we’ll need to hunt for a well-balanced performance monitor that’s worth the money.

Type of Screen

The type of screen is the most important factor in display quality. LED and LCD displays are both available on the market. Additionally, an LED screen incorporates a variety of panels that represent the display device’s image quality.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Vertical Monitors for Coding

Following are the answers to frequently asked questions about the best vertical monitors for coding:

Is it possible to code on a vertical monitor?

When coding, vertical displays are more natural. Allows the developer to more quickly alter and write lines of code. It simplifies the process of reading enormous amounts of code. It makes it simpler to concentrate on details. A curved display with a Height Adjustable Stand can be either a standard horizontal or vertical screen.

What is the purpose of having two monitors for programmers?

Because programming needs their whole concentration, programmers utilize numerous monitors to organize their work. They must consult several sources of information, run multiple applications, and operate with multiple windows at the same time. This technique is more efficient when many monitors are used.

Is coding on a 27-inch monitor too big?

The appropriate monitor size is determined by the resolution and the distance between you and the screen. 1920×1080 should not be utilized on screens greater than 24 inches. 1440p is appropriate for a 27-inch display, whereas 4K is good for a 27-inch to 32-inch display, depending on personal choice.


My picks are based on what I consider to be the best vertical monitors for coding available on the market. They’ve been modified to work for the majority of folks in each price level. The rating is based on a review, as well as pricing and visitor input. Anyone looking to boost their productivity should consider investing in a vertical monitor.

A vertical monitor is a wonderful method to increase your workflow and can be used for many things. Consider investing in a vertical display if you want to increase your productivity.