7 Best Monitors for Developers Reviews & Buying Guide in 2023

Although, in a general view, all monitors are of the same type which is used to display your contents the facts are not like the same. All monitors are similar in shape and just differ in size but actually, it is not like this. Size is not the only difference but many others are also present in different monitors. Different specialties are required in different monitors according to their usage. Gaming monitors are different from office use or general use monitors. The best monitors for developers are these monitors which are according to the particular needs of developers.

Best Monitors for Developers Comparison Table

Below mentioned are those monitors which are used by professional developers.

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LG 34WK650-W LG 34WK650-W
  • Features: 34″ UltraWide 21:9 IPS Monitor with HDR10 and FreeSync (2018), Black/White
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  • Features: 4K UHD Monitor, IPS Panel, sRGB and Rec. 709 PD3200U Gray/Gloss Gray
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  • Features: 27 Inch IPS 1080p Ergonomic Monitor with HDMI and DisplayPort for Home and Office
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  • Features: 23.8-Inch Display with Audio (4TB29AA#ABA, Silver/White)
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  • Features: Ultrasharp U2415 24.0-Inch Screen LED Monitor, Black
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  • Features: Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor | 34 inch class (35 Inch) | 21:9 QHD (3440 X 1440) | 100Hz | HDR | FreeSync
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 HP VH240A HP VH240A
  • Features: Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor with Built-In Speakers and VESA Mounting, Rotating Portrait & Landscape, Tilt, and HDMI & VGA Ports (1KL30AA) – Black
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1. LG 34WK650-W

LG 34WK650-W Review

LG 34WK650-W is a multi-purpose monitor that can be used by any user. Especially for developers, this monitor is very useful because it has slip screen functionality. As a developer, you can write code on one side while can compile and execute it to see the result on the other side of the screen at the same time.

After getting tired of the mental stress of coding, you can play your favorite game on this monitor or can view your favorite movie or song. The screen of this monitor is ultra-wide and Full HD in display quality having a 2560x1080P screen resolution. This monitor is ideal for online classrooms or any other official online collaboration.

The aspect ratio of this monitor is also greater for giving more space on the screen for displaying images. 21:9 is the contrast ratio of this monitor. The screen of this monitor is IPS type which is higher in performance, accurate in colors, and perfect in wider viewing angles. This IPS screen is compatible with AMD FreeSync and HDR10 technology. By using this combination, a tear-free, brighter, and colorful display becomes a part of this monitor.

The reader display mode of this monitor makes the color temperature of this monitor similar to paper for the protection of the user’s eyes. For gaming, Black Stabilizer, Dynamic Action Sync, and Crosshair functions are available for a clear view, perfect shooting, and an extreme level of gaming experience.

  • Big size monitor in affordable price.

  • Faster Ultra-wide IPS screen.

  • The higher aspect ratio for more screen area.

  • Split-screen feature with on-screen control.

  • AMD FreeSync and HRD10 compatible.

  • Screen resolution is lower.

2. BenQ PD3200U

BENQ PD3200U Review

BenQ PD3200U is a high-class display monitor that can be used for work-type office, entertainment, or gaming. The size of this IPS screen monitor is 32-inch which is perfect for viewing angels from any side.  The coverage of different color spaces and the accuracy of colors are at a peak in this monitor.

By using this monitor you can make alive your inspirations because this monitor comes with a unique coloring technology, known as AQColor technology. With the help of this exclusive color technology, this monitor covers 100% Adobe RGB, sRGB, and Rec. 709 color spaces while the Delta E value of this monitor is lesser or equal to 3.

The display of this monitor is 4k Ultra-HD which has a very high screen resolution. With a 3840x2160P screen resolution, this monitor delivers extra clear images with complete details. With a side-by-side view option, you can see and compare two applications at the same time on a single screen from single or dual input.

Different display modes are available on this monitor which is pre-configured in color scheme and temperature of colors. These modes include professional modes, darkroom mode, animation mode, and CAD/CAM mode. The design of this monitor is fully customized without any repetitions. A puck of hotkeys is also available for easily switching between different modes with the help of a single key.

By using the KVM switch of this monitor, you can control the contents of more than one video source with a single keyboard and mouse. The stand of the monitor is fully ergonomic and provides all types of adjustments.

  • Ultra-HD 4k monitor of 32-inch big size.

  • AQColor technology for better colors.

  • Side-by-side dual view for comparison.

  • A monitor having a KVM switch.

  • Ergonomic stand with all adjustments.

  • Lower coverage of Adobe RGB color space.

3. ViewSonic VG2753

VIEWSONIC VG2753 Review Best Monitors for Developers

ViewSonic VG2753 is a general-purpose monitor and is a perfect monitor for corporate, government, and educational environments which is also helpful to increase productivity. The design of this monitor is very simple but also attractive.

The bezel of this 27-inch size monitor is thin from 3-sides and is very suitable for seamless viewing in a multi-monitor environment. The panel type of this monitor is IPS which is super clear and accurate in colors with wider viewing angles which are also accurate when viewing from any side. Not only the angel but the clarity of the screen and color quality also remains the same viewing from any side.

The design of this monitor is attractive and is without frames. This virtually frame-less design provides almost seamless viewing when this monitor is used in multi-monitor setups. This frameless design and premium quality screen panel of this monitor delivers a vibrant and stunning display with vivid images. Multiple view settings are available with this monitor which has pre-defined optimized settings according to different contents.

This ViewMode feature provides different presets which can use for games, Movies, Web, Text, and Mono. For the connectivity of different video sources, multiple connectors are available on this monitor which are DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA. The stand of this monitor is ergonomically designed which gives multiple adjustments including Pivot, Tilt, Swivel, up, and down.

  • Cost-effective monitor with the latest features.

  • Full HD display for kinds of working.

  • IPS panel for accurate viewing angels.

  • Flicker-Free monitor with eye care.

  • Loaded with unique ViewMode feature.

  • Response time of screen is higher.

4. HP 24FWA

HP 24FWA Review Best Monitors for Developers

HP 24FWA is a monitor that makes you unable to get any display quality that you crave from this monitor because this is a very attractive, ultra-slim, and micro-edge monitor with ultra-wide viewing angles. You can prefer this monitor if you have limited space for placement of this monitor on the table, in-office, or in your room because the size of this monitor is just 24-inched but from these 23.8-inches are available for the display of images.

If you want to write the code of your new program or want to browse the internet for RND or want to get some entertainment, this monitor is your ultimate companion.

The IPS panel of this monitor is Full High-Definition (FHD) to display the graphics very clearly on the screen of this monitor. This IPS screen is coated with an anti-glare coating to reduce the reflection of the screen which damages the eyes of the user if used over hours. For a clear and bright screen, without any tearing due to FPS mismatch between monitor and graphics card, AMD FreeSync is also supported by this monitor which also enhances the display quality of this monitor.

The brightness of this screen is 300 nits which are not less than a brighter display. On-Screen controls enable you to change or adjust different settings with ease. Multiple languages are also available on this screen and you can select your native language for the changing settings.

  • Slim, compact, and sleek design body.

  • The virtually edge-to-edge glass panel.

  • IPS screen with Full HD display quality.

  • Micro-edge display with wide angels.

  • Full multimedia with built-in speakers.

  • Speakers quality is not very high.

5. Dell Ultrasharp U2415

DELL ULTRASHARP U2415 Review Best Monitors for Developers

Dell Ultrasharp U2415 is a very famous model of the monitor which is manufactured by Dell. As of its name, this monitor is ultra-sharp in its performance. It is another 24-inch monitor that is very easy to manage, handle, and place. It is one of the best monitors which have proved performance in the office working, as of developer work.

The design of this monitor is superb along with superior performance. Color accuracy is perfect and vivid with other details of the display. No dought, this monitor is reliable and at the same time environment friendly also because it is an Eco-Efficient monitor of Dell.

Among other premium features of this monitor, the screen performance of this monitor is at its peak. The display quality of this wide-screen monitor is WUXGA and it is an FHD display which is enough for a clear, transparent, and detailed display of images.

The maximum screen resolution of this monitor is 1920x1080P. The screen refresh rate of this monitor is 60Hz which is not lesser but according to standard. The aspect ratio of this screen is 16:10, which is slightly higher than normal, with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. This widescreen comes with an antiglare coating while the response time of this monitor is 6ms.

Power management of this monitor is also enhanced with the PowerNap feature which enables this monitor to dim the brightness or even put the monitor into sleep when it is not used by any user. Mini DP, DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB 3.0 upstream port are available on the body of this monitor for the connectivity of video sources.

  • Simply the best screen performance.

  • Faster performance with Eco-Efficiency.

  • 24-inch WUXGA plug and play monitor.

  • Widescreen with anti-glare coating.

  • Ergonomically designed stand.

  • Brightness levels are not much accurate.

6. BenQ EX3501R

BENQ EX3501R Review Best Monitors for Developers

If you are searching for a curved monitor which is also big then you are landed at the right place. BenQ EX3501R is a full-featured and large-size curved monitor. The size of this monitor is 35-inch while the curving angle of this monitor is 1800R which is perfect for a big curved monitor. This panoramic curvature and big size bring you to the center of the screen for a winning battle.

The display quality of this widescreen is WQHD and is very close to a 4k display because the maximum screen resolution supported by this monitor is 3440x1440P. For a more spacious display on this already big size monitor, the aspect ratio of this monitor is 21:9 which is 33% more space than a simple QHD display screen.

For a vibrant, high quality, and smooth display, AMD FreeSync is supported by this monitor which ensures the tear-free screen display by synchronization of the frame rate of the screen with the graphics card. Broken frames are also prevented with this FreeSync technology. The screen refresh rate of this monitor is also higher than the standard. 100Hz is the screen refresh rate of this monitor.

Along with FreeSync technology, for brighter, accurate color and cooler display, HDR is also applied on monitors but in BenQ EX3501R, along with HDR, Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+) is an added advantage of this monitor which automatically controls the brightness of the screen and color temperature. The brightness level of this monitor is 300nits while USB 3.1 and USB Type-C are also available on this monitor.

  • Ultra-wide curved monitor of 35-inch.

  • The faster screen refresh rate of 100Hz.

  • FreeSync and HRD supported monitor.

  • Panoramic Screen with 21:9 aspect ratio.

  • Eye care technology with B.I.+ feature.

  • Stand is not fully ergonomic without swivel.

7. HP VH240a

 HP VH240A Review Best Monitors for Developers

Sometimes the budget is become the most important constraint while selecting, searching, or purchasing any product. If your case is like this and you are in search of the best monitor that has as many features in a very low range of budget then your search is becoming end at HP VH240a because is extremely low in budget but has different valuable features.

The size of this monitor is not so big but it is a 24-inch monitor that does not need a big space in the room or on a table for placement. 23.8-inch of this size is available for display because the bezel of this screen is thin and virtually frameless. The screen panel technology of this monitor is In-Plane Switching which is a quality panel type of screen than others.

The display quality of this monitor is Full-HD having a maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080P. The screen refresh rate of this monitor is 60Hz which is according to standard and this monitor can be used for general purposes. The response time of this display unit is 5ms while the antiglare coating is also applied on this screen for the reduction of screen reflection.

This monitor also has integrated speakers to provide great sound while you playing a game or viewing your favorite movie or listing to some famous song. The stand of this monitor provided 4-sided ergonomic viewing.

  • Diagonal Full HD ultra-wide IPS panel.

  • Virtually frameless due to its thin bezel.

  • Anti-glare coating for eye protection.

  • Built-in speakers for greater sound.

  • Energy-star certified display monitor.

  • Fast-moving videos are some blur.

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Buyer’s Guide for Best Monitors for Developers:

 Size of monitor 

Mostly, big size monitor is preferred by developers because sometimes they need to compare different codes side by side, and font size is mostly smaller in these codes. Due to this reason, mostly, a big size monitor is the preference of a developer.


Screen resolution of the monitor is also included in the preference of a developer because a clear display is required for writing and reading the code of a program. Mostly Full-HD monitor is considered enough for this purpose.

 Stand and Flexibility 

An ergonomic stand is another requirement for the developers so that they can adjust monitors according to their ease. Sometimes, portrait mode adjustment is also included in the preferences of developers along with other adjustments of a monitor.

Following is the list of these best monitors which are very useful for different users, especially for the developers. Let’s start reviewing these best monitors for developers.


This list of best monitors includes products from different companies and these are different in size and other features also but all these have one similarity that is best quality monitors which can be used by either user and for any purpose including coding of different programs.

Not only the developers can choose any of these for their work but designers, professionals, and even gamers can also choose the best monitor from these discussed which is suited for their work or requirement. Your comments are a source of oxygen for my work so keep commenting.