6 Best Ultrawide Monitors for Photo Editing in 2023 [ Reviews]

Every day is new in the field of technology. Technologies are getting improved day by day and the requirements of supported hardware are also getting change accordingly. That’s why, in recent times, the demand for ultrawide monitors is getting increased especially for those which are related to the profession of editing either graphics or video. Due to this, ultrawide monitors are becoming available in the market with more and latest features. To introduce you to these high specs and performance monitors, I am writing this article on the best ultrawide monitors for photo editing so that you can convert your creations from thinking to reality.

Ultrawide Monitors for Photo Editing

Best Ultrawide Monitors for Photo Editing Comparison Table

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Nixeus EDG 34 Nixeus EDG 34
  • Features: Ultrawide 3440 x 1440 AMD Radeon FreeSync Certified 144Hz 1500R Curved Gaming Monitor with Tilt Only Stand (NX-EDG34S)
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 LG 29WK600-W SCEPTRE C355W-3440UN
  • Features: 35 Inch Curved UltraWide 21: 9 LED Creative Monitor QHD 3440×1440 Frameless AMD Freesync HDMI DisplayPort Up to 100Hz, Machine Black 2020 (C355W-3440UN)
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  • Features: (AG352UCG6), 1800R, Uwqhd 3440×1440 VA Panel, G-Sync, 120Hz, 4ms, DisplayPort/HDMI
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  • Features: Monitor 4K UHD IPS DP HDMI USB Type-C Eye Care Monitor with Adaptive Sync
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  • Features: Super Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor QHD 2K, 1500R Curved VA, 1ms, 144Hz, FreeSync, Height adjustable, 3-Yr Zero Dead Pixel
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  • Features: 27-Inch Monitor, QHD (2560 x 1440), IPS, LED Backlit, 16:9, AMD FreeSync, USB-C, 4-Side Borderless, 75Hz, 4ms Response Time, 99% sRGB, Tilt, HDMI, DP 1.2, Low Blue Light, 66A7GCC2US
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1- Nixeus EDG34S

Nixeus EDG 34” Ultrawide Review

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First of all, it is important to know what the ultrawide feature of a monitor is. Is it only related to the big screen size of the monitor or any other thing? The wide or ultrawide property of a monitor is not directly related to size only but to the aspect ratio of that monitor.

Nixeus EDG34S is big size monitor which has an ultrawide screen. The design of its body is attractive and eye-catching having a V-shaped wide stand which seems weak for the placing of a big monitor but it has enough strength and capacity for this. If you want to hang it on a wall then VESA compatible 75×75 mounting can also use. The bezel of this monitor is also thin on three sides.

The panel type of this monitor is VA with LED-backlit while the display quality of this monitor is Quad-HD having a screen resolution of 3440x1440P. This is the resolution that is required for graphics editing and video editing. For immersive display, the screen of this monitor is also curved with a curving angle of 1500R which is enough for your full attention on the wide and bright screen.

The responsiveness of this monitor is also very higher by having a response time of 1ms (PTR) and 4ms (G2G). The viewing angles of this monitor are also wide up to 178×178 degrees. The aspect ratio of this monitor is 21:9 which makes it an ultrawide monitor. The brightness level of this faster screen is 400 nits while its static contrast ratio is 3000:1 which is equally higher for sharp images on the screen of this monitor.

The rate of screen refresh is also very fast and up to 144Hz because this monitor supports AMD FreeSync adaptive sync. At the same, it also supports NVIDIA G-SYNC and can be used with any video source. For the connectivity of video sources, two HDMI 2.0 ports are given while two display ports are also present on this monitor which can support a 144Hz screen refresh rate.

  • Ultra-wide large size monitor for creative work.

  • The curved screen of 1500R curvature.

  • A higher level of brightness up to 400 nits.

  • 3000:1 contrast ratio for the sharper images display.

  • AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync supported.

  • Variable Refresh Rate is only supported on DisplayPort.

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2- Sceptre C355W-3440UN

Sceptre 35 Inch Curved UltraWide Review

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Sceptre C355W-3440UN is a superb monitor offering a lot of best quality features and is a very affordable monitor. This monitor is a great choice for professional graphic designers and editors to create and edit high-quality and color-full images with all comforts. The design of this monitor is simple and decent. The bezel of this monitor is thin giving a sharper look to monitor. The back cover of this monitor has red lines giving it an aesthetic sense especially for photo editors.

The stand of this monitor is also V-shaped while 100×100 VESA wall mounting is also along with this monitor. The display quality of this ultrawide monitor is also very high and perfect with a Twisted Nematic (TN) display panel. The total body size of this monitor is 35-inch and the screen of this monitor is curved having a curvature of 1800R which is according to the industry standard for accurate viewing.

The Quad-HD 2k display of this monitor gives stunning images by supporting a maximum screen resolution of 3440x1440P. The aspect ratio is 21:9 which makes this big-size screen ultrawide. The screen refresh rate of C355W is up to 100Hz which is also enough for professional editors. For a smoother and stumble-free screen, AMD FreeSync is supported by this monitor for the synchronization of screen refresh rates of the screen and graphics card.

The brightness level of this monitor is 350 nits and the static contrast ratio is 3000:1 for clear, brighter, and sharper image quality. Anti-glare coating is also applied on this screen for the reflection-free display in any type of lighting area. Extended numbers of HDMI ports including the 2.0 and 1.4 versions are given on this monitor along with a DisplayPort for the attachment of a wide range of different display sources.

  • Attractive and beautiful ultra-wide monitor.

  • QHD display and edgeless body design.

  • Faster response time for heavy applications.

  • The higher screen refresh rate of 100Hz.

  • FreeSync support for smooth screen display.

  • USB ports are not available.

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3- AOC Agon AG352UCG6

AOC AGON Curved Gaming Monitor Review

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AGON AG352UCG6 is another ultrawide monitor that has a curved screen with the new, latest, and upgraded panel type which puts you right in your creative work including graphics designing and editing, video making, or even gaming. The design of this monitor is simple and attractive. The bezel is 27mm in size on three sides of the monitor while its stand is stylish and is formed with cast aluminum which is very smooth in finishing. For the height adjustment of this monitor, the stand of this monitor is with Ergo Dial.

The size of this monitor is 35-inch and the curving angle of this big screen is 1800R which gives you an immersive display with full attention without eye fatigue. The panel type of monitor is the latest and new. AMVA panel type is a newly invented screen for high-class and professional monitors. This panel type is even considered better than IPS panels.

The display quality of this panel is 2k supporting a maximum screen resolution of 3440x1440P. 21:9 aspect ratio makes this big size monitor ultrawide also which is enough for multiple applications to run side-by-side. For the prevention of screen ghosting, the response time of this monitor is 4ms (GTG) to stop screen tearing due to the difference between frame rates of the monitor and graphics card, NVIDIA G-SYNC is supported by this monitor due to which screen refresh rate of this monitor can be up to 120Hz.

This AMVA panel can produce accurate colors by covering an 85% MTSC color gamut. Low input lag and shadow control of this monitor increase the display quality of this monitor. Speakers and a headphone hanger are also built-in while different connectivity ports are also part of this monitor which include HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB 3.0 which makes this monitor able to connect with different display sources.

  • Quad-HD display monitor for stunning quality.

  • The curved screen of 1800R for immersive display.

  • The higher aspect ratio of 21:9 for more screen space.

  • VA panel with maximum color gamut coverage.

  • NVIDIA G-Sync for tear-free and smooth display.

  • Body design is not in a slim profile.

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4- Samsung Business CH890

SAMSUNG CH890 Series 34-Inch Ultrawide Review Best Ultrawide Monitors for Photo Editing

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CH890 is a very fine and business class monitor having a slim and smart body that is bezel-less on three sides. Its wide stand makes this monitor a perfect blend of high-performance and eye-catching beauty. The size of this monitor is 34-inch which is a big size and is perfect for multiple applications to display side-by-side to increase the creativity of your pictures along with an increase your productivity.

Another important feature of this screen is the curving of 1800R for an equal distance display on the screen. This ultrawide screen can deliver a 2k quality display by having a 3441x1440P screen resolution. The aspect ratio of this monitor is 21:9 which is mandatory for ultrawide monitors to provide more screen space for the display of multiple applications at the same time which is enough in the case of this monitor. You can use the split-screen feature of this monitor by using PIP or PBP option.

The panel type of this monitor is Virtual Aligned (VA) which is good in quality and performance. A higher contrast ratio of 3000:1 can make images sharper especially in the case of multimedia work while the 4ms response time of this monitor makes it very responsive and prevent screen ghosting and blurring in fast movements. AMD FreeSync is also supported by this monitor for the smoothness of display without screen tearing and the screen refresh rate of this monitor is 100Hz.

If you attach a new device with this monitor then you don’t need to manually switch the video source settings on this monitor because it is loaded with automatic source switch technology by using which it automatically detect the newly attached source and also gets switch on it. For the connectivity of video sources, powerful ports are given by Samsung on this versatile monitor because it has USB Type-C and USB 3.0 ports along with HDMI and DisplayPort.

  • A perfect business class monitor for editors.

  • The ultra-wide and curved screen of 1800R.

  • Split-screen feature with PBP and PIP.

  • Sharp images display with contrast ratio 3000:1.

  • Wider stand with all adjustments of screen.

  • Screen flickering required improvements.

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5- LG 34WK650-W

LG 34WK650-W 34" UltraWide Review Best Ultrawide Monitors for Photo Editing

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If you are searching for an affordable monitor that has the property of an ultrawide monitor then you can go for a 34WK650-W monitor of LG which is a leader company in the designing and manufacturing of high-quality display sets. The size of this monitor is 34-inch which is acceptable for high-class professional photo editing.

The screen quality of this monitor is highest because a high-quality IPS panel is given in this monitor by LG for outclass display. The IPS panel is perfect for accurate and wide viewing angles with high-quality colors. The aspect ratio of this monitor is 21:9 which is equal to the standard and makes this monitor ultrawide.

The display quality of this monitor is Full-HD but it supports higher screen resolution than normal FHD displays. Its supported screen resolution is 2560x1080P which can produce up to the maximum quality display which can be produced this quality of display. The display of this monitor is very colorful because this monitor covers sRGB color space up to 99%.

The screen refresh rate of this monitor is 75Hz which is higher than normal quality. With other features of AMD FreeSync and HDR10, the quality of the display is got improved and you experience stunning images with the highest level of sharpness. The split-screen feature of this monitor makes you able to view two applications side by side and ALT+TAB from the keyboard is no more required.

  • Ultra-wide monitor with higher performance.

  • The higher aspect ratio of 21:9 for more screen space.

  • Smoother display with AMD FreeSync support.

  • Maximum coverage of sRGB color gamut.

  • On-Screen Control for easy adjustments.

  • Pixel density is lower and compromising.

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6. Dell U3818DW

Dell U-Series 38" Screen LED-Lit Monitor Review Best Ultrawide Monitors for Photo Editing

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U3818DW is a monitor manufactured by Dell and belongs to the Ultrasharp series of monitors of this company. Features of these monitors include a big size screen which consists of 38-inches. This screen is not only bigger but is also a curved screen that is useful for these users who are required to work for longer hours like photo editors. 233R curvature of the screen reduces the fatigue on the user’s eyes due to the equal distance from one edge to the other and due to the less movement of eyes.

The design of this ultrasharp monitor is virtually borderless with an InfinityEdge display and due to this 37.5-inch screen area is available for display. Dell U3818DW is an ultrawide monitor with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and its display quality is Quad-HD having a screen resolution of 3840x1600P which is also increased than the traditional 2k display of 1440P.

The contrast ratio of this monitor is also moderate and is enough for the working of a photo editor. The brightness level of this monitor is 300 nits which are not less. This monitor covers sRGB color space up to 98% and becomes able to produce extended colors for a brighter and more colorful display that is very close to real-life colors. The coverage of Adobe RGB color gamut by this monitor is up to 83%. A unique feature of this monitor is RF connectivity of video sources which can be up to 6 devices by using Bluetooth 4.0.

If you want to use this monitor with two PCs then you can manage these by using a single keyboard, mouse, and video cable with the help of its KVM features. This monitor has two HDMI Ports, a DisplayPort, and two USB 3.0 ports for the connectivity of video sources. Additionally USB Type-C is also available for this purpose. Two speakers are also built-in which can produce high-quality audio because each of these speakers is 9W.

  • A monitor with ultra-wide screen and infinity edge.

  • The curved screen of 2300R with Quad-HD display quality.

  • Wireless connectivity of devices with the monitor.

  • Increased screen area with 21:9 aspect ratio.

  • USB Type-C port for connectivity and data transfer.

  • Local dimming is not present.

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In-display monitors, the aspect ratio is the ratio of image width to its height displayed on the screen of a monitor. Widescreen monitors of general use which are also known as traditional widescreen monitors have a conventional aspect ratio of 16:9 (W: H). Based on this aspect ratio, monitors are categorized as widescreen or ultrawide screens.


As we discussed that conventional aspect ratio of traditional widescreen monitors is 16:9 but for ultrawide monitors, this ratio is get changed to 21:9 (W: H) which showed that the width of the screen gets increased than the conventional ratio in the same height due to which screen area is getting more increased for the display of images. So a monitor is categorized as ultrawide if it supports an aspect ratio of 21:9. Nowadays, monitors are also available in the market which supports an aspect ratio of 32:9 and are more spacious than all widescreen monitors.

Advantages of Ultrawide monitors:

  • Higher screen resolution than traditional monitors
  • More screen space useful for multitasking
  • No need for multi-monitor setups
  • A better experience in gaming, designing, and editing pictures

Following is the list of these monitors which are not only ultrawide but are the best monitors you can use for the editing of your pictures as a professional graphics designer and editor. All the required features are present on every monitor on this list. Let’s start reviewing these monitors.


For a professional photo editor or graphics designer, an ultrawide monitor is becoming a need. All the monitors which are reviewed and described above, are perfect in their features along with an ultrawide screen that’s why you can go for one of these which is having your required features other than the subjected feature. Your comments are valuable for the betterment of my work which is for you.