Top 9 Best 75Hz Monitors [Buyer’s Guide 2023]

You are here to find the best 75Hz monitors because you have the experience that 60Hz monitors are not enough for many tasks. So, you want to upgrade the 60Hz monitor but think that the 120Hz or 144Hz refresh rate is higher. That’s where the 75Hz monitors fit well. It is better than the average refresh rate but not as high as 144Hz is, so it’s a sweet spot for many monitor users.   

Whenever you try to find a 75Hz monitor, make sure it must have outstanding features. The 75Hz monitor must respond quickly and complete different actions more efficiently than regular monitors.

The high contrast ratio, remarkable image quality, vivid colors, and sharpness are some other features a quality lover may search for in his new monitor.

Keeping all this in mind, our researchers have selected the top-notch brand monitors after long hours of research. So, what you have to do is to go through the entire article and choose the one that suits your needs. 

9 Best 75Hz Monitors

1- Acer SB270 Bbix 27″ Full HD

Acer SB270 Bbix 27" Full HD

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Acer SB270 gaming monitor is a superb product of Acer that shows impressive performance. Its ultra-slim design, 27-inch display, and incredible image quality make it stand out among others. The elegant slim design lets you conveniently fit it in any place, and the stylish base adds more meaning to its overall look. 

The contrast ratio is good, and the zero-frame design ensures edge-to-edge visibility. Moreover, the IPS panel gives you the freedom to watch the screen from any angle without any difficulty. You can share the screen with others no matter if they are viewing from the corners of the screen.


Thanks to AMD RADEON FREESYNC Technology, that offers a smoother gaming experience by eliminating screen tearing and stuttering. It makes it possible by syncing frames of the monitor with graphics card frames. 

Acer SB270 monitor’s 1 ms response time makes the gamers witness a remarkable gaming experience. Even fast-moving objects appear clearly on the screen, eliminating irritating ghosting and smearing effects.  

It includes AcerVisionCare technology that ensures comfortable viewing and protects your eyes from strain. With this monitor, your eyes will remain safe from irritating blue light and screen flickering.

  • Widescreen IPS display. 

  • Ultra-thin and stylish.

  • Lower input lag.

  • Better connectivity options.

  • 1ms response time.

  • Lacks speakers.

  • The screen height is not adjustable.

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2- HP 24mh FHD Monitor 

HP 24mh FHD Monitor 

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This one is for you if you are looking for the best 75Hz monitors with advanced features. HP 24mh FHD monitor includes features like height adjustment, tilt adjustment, Blue light filter, and built-in speakers.

The two built-in speakers make gaming, movies, and other entertainment activities more immersive and thrilling for you. The ultra-thin design looks attractive and easily fits on any small desk. All these superb features help you enjoy your work and gaming to their fullest. 

This one is ideal if you want to use your monitor for a multi-monitor setup. This micro-edge display has almost no bezels on three sides, providing a seamless viewing experience. 

The 1920 x 1080 maximum resolution will let you enjoy outstanding image accuracy and exceptional video quality. The IPS technology allows you to share the screen with your friends and colleagues to discuss any project. 

The Blue Light mode reduces the eyes strain. The colors appear warmer, and the white color looks so natural. The better connectivity options help you connect any device you want.

This way, you can enjoy big-screen entertainment by connecting peripherals with this one of the best 75Hz monitors. It includes VGA, DisplayPort, and HDMI ports for bringing ease to your life.  

  • Panoramic viewing.

  • Ultra-wide 178 degrees viewing angle.

  • Easy connectivity.

  • Low Blue Light mode.

  • Includes height and tilt adjustments.

  • 5ms response time is not ideal for gaming.

  • No VGA cable. 

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3- Sceptre 20″ 1600×900 75Hz Ultra Thin LED Monitor

Sceptre 20" 1600x900 75Hz Ultra Thin LED Monitor

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If you need one of the best 75Hz monitors for both play and work, this one is made for you. Sceptre 20″ ultra-thin LED Monitor is perfect for not only work but it is also fit for gaming. The 1600 x 900 resolution on a 20 inches screen shows sharp visuals and vibrant colors. The 5ms response time ensures incredible clarity of all the videos. 

You can easily connect any device for gaming and other tasks because of its better connectivity options. It includes DVI, HDMI, VGA, and Audio in and out ports.  

monitor holding by woman

Those who want to mount their monitor on the wall can purchase this one because it is VESA wall mount ready. Moreover, it comes with flicker-free technology for protecting your eyes from strain. The images appear crispier while flickering from the backlight is not the problem you’d face when using this monitor. So, you can use it conveniently without putting stress on your eyes. 

The built-in speakers let you arrange internet workshops and conference calls by delivering superb office-level audio. Also, you can enjoy your favorite music and watch movies or play games with the immersive audio it produces. 

The Adaptive-Sync Technology eliminates stuttering and tearing by reducing gaps between the monitor and the graphic card’s refresh rates. 

  • Panoramic viewing.

  • Ultra-wide 178 degrees viewing angle.

  • Easy connectivity.

  • Low Blue Light mode.

  • Includes height and tilt adjustments.

  • 5ms response time is not ideal for gaming.

  • No VGA cable.

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4- BenQ 24 Inch 1080P Monitor

BenQ 24 Inch 1080P Monitor

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If you are an ardent gamer, you need a monitor with a 1ms response time. BenQ 24 Inch 1080P monitor is an incredible monitor that comes with a 1ms response time. So, you can use this monitor for long gaming or working hours without any issues. The ZeroFlicker technology ensures better eye comfort and reduces eye strain for keeping your eyes healthy. 

The stylish and attractive look of the monitor makes it ideal for all modern device lovers. It comes with a sculpted base and scratch-resistant texture, giving this one of the best monitors a different place from competitors.  

Gaming becomes interesting as a 75Hz refresh rate eradicates motion smear and makes sure that every video appears smooth. That’s why it plays fast-moving videos and movies flawlessly. Moreover, ghosting or lag is not the problem you’ll face when using this one of the best 75Hz monitors. So, you don’t have to wait but just enjoy.  

Low blue light technology is one of the exciting features of this monitor. It keeps your eyes safe from dangerous blue light by filtering it from the images appearing on the screen. Moreover, you can easily read for long hours because ePaper Mode ensures a proper balance between background and text. This technology is also beneficial for your eye care. 

  • High-speed HDMI.

  • Blue Light Mode.

  • 1ms response time.

  • ZeroFlicker Technology.

  • Incredible performance.

  • Lacks built-in speakers.

  • The stand is not adjustable.

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5- ASUS VP229HE 21.5” Monitor  

ASUS VP229HE 21.5” Monitor

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Be cheerful if you are wandering around for one of the best 75Hz monitors with a frameless design. ASUS VP229HE 21.5” monitor Is an incredible monitor with a frameless design that looks impressively beautiful in any setup. You can use it for a multi-display setup and enjoy seamless and immersive viewing. 

The IPS panel provides wide angles and shows awesome sharp images, no matter from which angle you see the screen. It produces consistent and accurate colors and minimizes color shifts for an incredible viewing experience. 

The 21.5 inches screen with a 75Hz refresh rate ensures incredible gaming and work experience. GamePlus Technology offers enhancements for games that let you play like a pro by providing tremendous tools. So, you can improve your skills and practice in a better way using this monitor. 

The FreeSync technology eliminates choppy frame rates, and screen tearing and provides tracing-free visuals. So, it ensures smoother gameplay and seamless visuals.

Along with that, the blue light and flicker-free technology are included for comfortable viewing. These technologies reduce damaging ailments and eyestrain to let you work or game for long hours comfortably.   

It comes with extensive connectivity to help you connect to any device of your choice. Using D-sub and HDMI ports, connect peripheral devices and enjoy your gaming or work to a high level.

  • Outstanding performance.

  • Flicker-free technology.

  • Full HD resolution.

  • Extensive connectivity.

  • The frameless design with IPS panel.

  • The base is too small.

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6- Sceptre Curved 24″ 75Hz Professional LED Monitor 

Sceptre Curved 24" 75Hz Professional LED Monitor

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Sceptre Curved 24″ 75Hz Professional LED Monitor is one of the best 75Hz monitors that is equipped with an arsenal of features. It comes with a curved display for an enhanced viewing experience. This 1800R screen curvature shows images with superb depth.      

The LED display provides a wide array of vibrant and vivid colors with perfect dark and light contrasts. So, the moving images appear so clear and pleasing to the eyes. 

The edgeless design not only looks superb but also gives you the opportunity to get immersed in the incredible visuals 1080p resolution shows. 

The 75Hz refresh rate alters images smoother and faster while it lessens screen tearing. Because of its fast response time, you’ll not face blurred visuals or ghosting. Moreover, due to that response time, the transitioning pixels focus on terrain and enemies keenly during chaotic situations. 

It comes with VGA and HDMI ports that can accelerate the refresh rate for letting you conquer your favorite challenging games. Furthermore, RTS and FPS are display settings of this one of the best 75Hz monitors that boost your gaming experience.     

It has the flexibility to move 5° forward and 15° backward, so you can fix it according to your sitting position perfectly. 

It is equipped with Blue Light Shift for minimizing blue light and lets you work and play without putting stress on your eyes.  

  • Tiltable display.

  • VESA wall is mountable.

  • 1800R curved screen.

  • Beautiful edgeless design.

  • Fast response time.

  • Speakers are not loud. 

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7- Acer Nitro VG240Y bmiix IPS Monitor

Acer Nitro VG240Y bmiix IPS Monitor

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Acer Nitro VG240Y bmiix IPS Monitor is one of the best 75Hz monitors that is packed with amazing features.

This 23.8 inches full HD IPS display is perfect for all sorts of uses. You can use it for gaming, working, or creating anything. 1ms response time and a higher refresh rate make it the right choice for all demanding games.

Moreover, it has various ergonomic features that keep you hooked and focused on your favorite games. Its zero frame design gives you the freedom to keep multiple monitors closer for enjoying a big-screen display.

It is also beneficial because it is a space-saving device that adjusts on any small table easily. You can conveniently adjust the height of this monitor for comfortable viewing. Moreover, the stand comes with tilt, pivot, and swivel adjustments that make you work or play with ease.

It has a wide range of ports, including HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, and DisplayPort inputs making it compatible with different devices.

The crucial feature that most monitors lack is built-in speakers. So, enjoy your gaming or watch movies with the immersive sounds it produces. Another incredible feature of this one of the best 75Hz monitors is that it is VESA mount compatible.  

  • AMD Radeon free-Sync technology.

  • 1ms response time.

  • Zero frame design.

  • Extensive connectivity.

  • Full HD 

  • Lacks audio output jack.

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8- Philips 226E9QDSB 22″ Frameless Monitor

Philips 226E9QDSB 22" Frameless Monitor

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Philips 226E9QDSB 22″ Frameless Monitor has various superb features. It features an IPS panel that provides wide viewing angles to let you see it from any side you want.

It shows vivid and vibrant colored images. So, this monitor is not only ideal for movies and gaming but also other several purposes like professional applications. 

This monitor includes eco-friendly, long-lasting, and sustainable materials. All parts of the monitor are made up of quality plastic with some metal chassis parts. The durable structure of the monitor will remain the same for many years.  

Experience true-to-life visuals with this one of the best 75Hz monitors that come with 1920 x 1080 resolution. High brightness, vibrant colors, and incredible contrast make every image and video appear superb. 

The ultra-narrow bezels provide more viewing area and ensure minimal distraction. That’s why it is a perfect choice for tilting or multi-display setups such as professional applications, graphic design, and gaming. 

Some monitors cause eye fatigue due to flicker on their screens that occurs when they try to control brightness in any way. But that’s not the problem here.

Flicker-free technology of Philips has a unique way of regulating brightness that makes comfortable viewing possible and lessens flicker to a high level. 

You can easily attach any high-definition device with this monitor as it has HDMI input. Enjoy high-quality videos and flawless gaming by connecting any device with its ports that can fulfill your requirement. 

  • Frameless monitor.

  • 4 years warranty.

  • VESA mount compatible.

  • Remarkable performance.

  • Eco-friendly materials.

  • No DisplayPort.

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9- AOC Gaming 27G2U5 – 27 Inch FHD Monitor

AOC Gaming 27G2U5 - 27 Inch FHD Monitor

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If you are looking for one of the best 75Hz monitors with a height adjustable stand, be glad. Here is an AOC gaming 27G2U5 FHD monitor, which offers all the essential features.

The height adjustable stand lets you lower or raise the monitor screen according to one’s seating position and height. So, you can work for long hours comfortably.

Enjoy the multi-monitor set-up with this monitor, as it has a minimal bezel design, ensuring less distraction and a tremendous gaming experience. Moreover, 1ms response time reduces ghosting effects and smoothly presents dramatic transitions and fast-moving actions. 

The AOC low input lag mode and 6 game modes also make this one of the best 75Hz monitors and a perfect choice for quality gaming. 

  • 178 degrees viewing angle.

  • Built-in speakers.

  • Frameless design.

  • AMD FreeSync technology.

  • Low input lag.

  • No HDR.

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Why Buy a 75Hz Monitor?

If your old monitor has been broken or cracked, or you are fed up with its poor color performance, it’s time to replace it. A monitor that is too slow and doesn’t offer comfortable gaming or its color accuracy is not good; you should buy a 75Hz monitor for excellent image quality. 

If you are using the latest video gaming console that is equipped with higher resolution or frame rates, an older monitor is not suitable for that. Only a compatible gaming monitor can utilize your gaming console’s capabilities perfectly.

In the same way, if you have upgraded the PC video card or graphics card, you must buy a monitor. For all these purposes, a 75Hz monitor can provide accurate colors and outstanding image quality. 

Are 75Hz Monitors better Than General Monitors?

It is a fact that 75Hz monitors are better than general monitors in many aspects. 75Hz monitors are upgraded to 60Hz monitors. Many gaming monitors are available in the market with higher refresh rates, but a 75Hz monitor is a better option.

The reason is that it is a sweet spot between performance and cost. Whether you use a monitor for work or gaming, 75Hz monitors offer improved performance as compared to monitors with 48Hz or 60Hz.

Monitors with 144Hz or 240Hz refresh rates are no doubt good for gaming and highly demanding tasks. But 75Hz monitors are suitable for those who can’t afford expensive monitors or are involved in regular work. Various screen sizes are available at reasonable prices if you search for 75Hz monitors. 


Q1- Is 75Hz refresh rate ok for a monitor? 

A- A monitor with a 75Hz refresh rate has a good video quality sufficient for regular games. This refresh rate offers superb video and image quality and lessens eye strain. But if you play modern, challenging games or expect a perfect smooth game, you should go for a higher refresh rate than 75Hz.  

Q2- For what purposes 75Hz refresh rate is good? 

A- The level of refresh rate depends on what a user is playing or watching. If you watch movies, play casual games, do web surfing, or work on your monitor, a 75Hz monitor is just perfect for these purposes. 

Q3- Does a 75Hz monitor work well with an upgraded graphics card?

A- If you have upgraded your video card or graphics card and want an enhanced display performance, a 75Hz monitor is good for you. It is pretty suitable for people who cannot buy expensive monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate.

There are several resolutions and sizes available in 75Hz monitors. So, you can purchase any monitor of your choice that has awesome picture quality and more screen space. 

Final Verdict

We have discussed the best 75Hz monitors to help you find the right device for you. As we know, everyone wants to have quality devices that can last longer; that’s why we selected top brand monitors. The top-notch brands are producing low-price monitors with remarkable features nowadays.

So, people with a low budget can also buy the best 75Hz monitors without any difficulty. After reviewing the article, choose the monitor that better suits your requirements. View all the pros and cons keenly again to make a perfect choice. Hope our effort proves to be beneficial for you.