How To Tell If Your Monitor Is 1080p [Ultimate Guide 2023]

Different specifications of computer monitors determine the quality of movies, games, web browsers, and other stuff. The monitor with 1080p can display the perfect high-definition images. Gamers who want to win every game should keep in their mind that only passion is not enough. They must have the right how to tell if Your Monitor is 1080p resolution monitor so that they can enjoy seamless gaming. 

The 1080p monitor comes with 1920×1080 resolution, which lets thousands of minute squares appear on the screen. More pixels on the screen ensure precise graphics and text. The resolution depends upon both the video card and the monitor.

Operating systems automatically choose the highest resolution that your monitor and video card are capable of supporting. The resolution is presented in the form of Width x Height, so it appears as 1920 x 1080 and 3840 x 2160, etc. And in words, it is written as full HD and 4K/UHD.  

If you have nothing to next knowledge about monitor resolution and want to know how to tell if your monitor is 1080p, don’t worry.

This article describes how you can find out what is a monitor’s resolution so that you can choose the right one for your needs. Moreover, we’ll explain in detail how to check the resolution in Windows, Mac, and Chromebook, so everyone can easily find out the resolution and change it. 

What the Screen Resolution is?

Resolution is one of the essential components of a monitor, along with refresh rate, screen size, and panel type.

The monitor resolution refers to a display’s visual dimensions and contains a certain amount of pixels. The full HD monitor has 1920 x 1080 resolution, which means its width is 1920 while the height is 1080 pixels.  

The higher resolution ensures more detailed images. It becomes possible because higher-resolution monitors have more pixels than lower-resolution monitors. Also, it may vary according to the content’s resolution you want to see.

Why is the Screen Resolution Essential?

Screen resolution is one of the essential factors required for performing various activities on computers. And, it becomes more important when you are doing any demanding tasks or playing challenging games.

For example, editing images and videos require minute adjustments that are where resolution plays its part. 

The adjustment of colors or lines in any complex project depends on the resolution. Only monitors with higher resolution can make such demanding tasks possible. Various computational and engineering professions, demanding games, or 4K movies require high-resolution monitors.

Why 1080p is So Popular?

1080p is perfect for all situations. This resolution makes images, videos, games, movies, and web browsing outstanding by providing perfect pixels for them. As 1080p is mostly used, most developers design their software, websites, or applications in accordance with this resolution.

How to Check Resolution in Windows, Chromebook, and Mac

Now we’ll discuss how to tell if your monitor is 1080p on Windows, Chromebook, and Mac.  


To check the resolution in Windows, follow the below-given steps:

  • Right-click the desktop, and a menu will open. 
  • Scroll down the menu and select Display Settings. This will let the Display Settings panel appear. 
  • Search for the resolution in Display resolution. Here you can see the current resolution of your monitor. If “Recommended” is written with the resolution, it means you are using the hardware’s highest resolution. If you are using more than one monitor, select the monitor from the top of the panel whose resolution you desire to check. 
  • Don’t use a resolution that is not recommended because it can result in stretched or blurry images. If you want better results, you can switch to the Recommended resolution. As you’ll select the resolution, it will alter instantly. A pop-up message will appear asking you to go with the changes or revert to the previous one. If you find the new resolution not perfect, press the Revert option. If the screen becomes dark when you change the settings, your monitor can’t play that resolution. Windows automatically corrects the problem by reverting to the previous resolution. 


  • Go to the right corner at the bottom of the screen and select “Time.” 
  • Find the Gear icon in the menu and click it, the Chromebook settings will open.
  • Click the “Device” tab available in the left panel.
  • In the drop-down menu of “Resolution”, you can see the current resolution of your monitor. You can also change your monitor’s resolution from here. Select the resolution your want and click Continue. If you want the previous settings, then click Cancel. If you don’t respond to the pop-up message for 10 seconds, it will automatically get back to the previous resolution. 


  • On the screen’s upper-left corner, there is the Apple menu, click it and then choose the “About this Mac” option. 
  • Click the “Displays” tab available at the top bar.
  • The resolution and display size are written together. If you have connected dual monitors to your Mac, both of them will appear in the window with their resolutions. 
  • For changing the resolution, click “Displays Preferences” which can be seen at the right corner of the bottom. If you want to change your monitor’s resolution, click the Scaled option. The options that appear on the screen are often the ones your monitor and video card support. If you change the resolution but the screen turns black, it shows that the system doesn’t support the new resolution. The screen will switch back to the previous resolution automatically but if doesn’t happen, press the Esc button to correct the issue.  

Final Verdict

When you are buying a new monitor or trying to update the video card, you might need to adjust the resolution. Along with that, if your monitor is having any issues, must check its resolution. By solving the resolution problem, you can handle the frequent visual issues looking hectic apparently.   

How to tell if your monitor is 1080p is the question that comes to the minds of many people who are not that acquainted with monitors. We tried to answer this question in detail to help such people find screen resolution without any issues.