6 Best Monitors for Content Creation In 2023 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Content creation is a vast field in the global village of technology because the internet makes distances value-less with the help of websites. Now you can get information about anything even if you have never seen or known about that. Content can be information about something or can be experiences of a person about that thing. This article is for content developers to introduce them to these monitors which are the best monitors for content creation and can help them for the improvement of their work.

Best Monitors for Content Creation

Best Monitors for Content Creation Comparison Table:

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Acer Nitro XV272U Pbmiiprzx 27 Acer Nitro XV272U Pbmiiprzx 27
  • Features: WQHD (2560 x 1440) IPS G-SYNC Compatible Monitor, 144Hz, 1ms VRB, VESA Certified DisplayHDR400, DCI-P3, Delta E<2
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LG 34GN850-B LG 34GN850-B
  • Features: 34 Inch 21: 9 UltraGear Curved QHD (3440 x 1440) 1ms Nano IPS Gaming Monitor with 144Hz and G-SYNC Compatibility – Black (34GN850-B)
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  • Features: Display PA278QV 27” WQHD (2560 x 1440) Monitor, 100% sRGB/Rec. 709 ΔE < 2, IPS, DisplayPort HDMI DVI-D Mini DP, Calman Verified, Eye Care, Anti-glare, Tilt Pivot Swivel Height Adjustable
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  • Features: 27-Inch WQHD 2560×1440 Resolution IPS Monitor with Infinity Edge Bezels, Black
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  • Features: 27 inch 4K Monitor, IPS Multimedia with HDMI connectivity, HDR | Eye-Care Sensor, Integrated Speakers and Custom Audio Modes, USB C Connectivity and Charging
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6 Best Monitors for Content Creation:

Let’s start reviewing these monitors.

1. Acer Nitro XV272U Pbmiiprzx 27

Acer Nitro XV272U Pbmiiprzx 27

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If you are a busy professional for the creation of content and looking for a monitor which is bigger and have multiple useful features then Nitro XV340CK is the best monitor for you provided by Acer company. This monitor offers accurate and wider viewing angles along with vivid colors and has a total body size of 34-inch. The panel type of this monitor is IPS (In-Plane Switching) which offers Quad-HD display quality. The maximum supported screen resolution of this monitor is 3440x1440P.

Although, this monitor is bigger its screen is ultrawide having an aspect ratio of 21:9 which also increase the screen area to display multiple application at the same time on a single screen. Screen ghosting, during the faster movements, can occur in different monitors and to prevent this condition is the lower response rate of the screen and responsiveness of this monitor is very high with the lowest response time of 1ms (VRB). Due to the low input lag of this monitor, any input device can be used with this monitor for the input of data.

The screen refresh rate of 144Hz is also very higher which is required for a high-quality display monitor. For smooth screen display, a synchronized frame rate is necessary which is accomplished by using any adaptive sync and this monitor supports AMD FreeSync for this purpose. To increase the sharpness of images along with color accuracy, HDR10 is the part of this monitor that can increase the sharpness of images and color quality for high-performance display.

As with other features, connectivity options are also extended in this monitor by having dual DisplayPorts, two HDMI 2.0, and two USB 3.0 ports for the connectivity of a wide range of display sources.

  • Big size Quad-HD monitor having Zero Frame.

  • Ultrawide screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9.

  • Vibrant colors and sharp images with HDR10.

  • 144Hz faster refresh rate and AMD FreeSync.

  • Eye care with BlueLight Shield and Flicker-free tech.

  • Wide color gamut is not supported.

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2. LG 34GN850-B

LG 34GN850-B

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34GN850-B is another big size monitor and is best for these professionals which need a high-quality monitor for the creation of content. The size of this monitor is 34-inch but more applications can be displayed on the big screen of this monitor because it is an ultrawide screen and the 21:9 aspect ratio of this monitor makes more space for the display of images.

The display quality of this monitor is Quad HD and the maximum supported screen resolution by this monitor is 3440x1440P which is enough for the content creation tasks with a clear and brighter display and all types of content can easily create by using this monitor like high-resolution graphics, animations, and videos. The screen type of this monitor is Nano IPS which is a high-performance screen type than all other types. With the help of this panel, you can achieve color accuracy with wider viewing angles because these are the specialties of this panel type.

The screen refresh rate is another important feature that is required to be considered in the best monitor and this refresh rate of this screen is 144Hz which is very higher than the routine and standard refresh rate. Not only the refresh rate of this monitor is higher but at the same time it is very responsive as well because its response time is just 1ms which ensures the prevention of screen ghosting. For a crystal, clear, and smooth screen display HDR 400 and G-Sync adaptive sync is also part of this monitor. This monitor is the best choice for a professional content creator.

  • A high-quality display having a curved screen.

  • Best quality IPS panel for wider viewing angles.

  • Ultrawide screen to display multiple applications.

  • Higher screen resolution with a faster refresh rate.

  • HDR 400and NVIDIA G-SYNC support for images.

  • Tilt-only stands up to short angels.

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3. Asus PA278QV

Asus PA278QV

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ProArt series of monitors is a very famous and high-performance series of display products of Asus and these are ideal for these users which are involved in the professional working of creative art. Content creation also includes art due to which this monitor has become a choice of these users and due to the same reason, this monitor is present in this list.

With a frameless design, the total body size of this monitor is 27-inch which is moderate and easy to manage while the display quality of this monitor is Quad-HD supporting a maximum screen resolution of 2560x1440P.

The price of this monitor is very low as compared to these features which are provided by Asus in this monitor. The screen of this monitor is a widescreen bringing more area in available display space. On the other hand, the surety of wide-angle view and brilliant accurate colors is its IPS screen which is higher in quality as well as in performance.

This monitor is designed by Asus specifically for artwork, due to this, its coverage of different color spaces is up to maximum including 100% sRGB and 100% Rec. 709 color gamut. Its delta E value is also less than 2 which is another value of perfection.

For a perfect and accurate printing of your created content, with the help of the Asus QuickFit Virtual Scale feature, you can align and preview your created content in its actual size before printing. This feature provides you the option of different page sizes like A4, B5, or Ruler for customizing sizes. VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB hub are given on the body of this monitor for the connectivity of a wide range of video sources.

  • QHD monitors for all types of content creation.

  • Widescreen having Delta E value less than 2.

  • IPS panel covering sRGB colors up to 100%.

  • Screen with anti-glare coasting to stop reflection.

  • All types of ports available for connectivity.

  • The contrast ratio of the monitor is some lower.

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4. DELL U2719DX


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If you need ultra-sharp clarity in your display monitor for the production of video or graphics with sharp quality then the U2719DX monitor of Dell is best for you using which you can achieve your desired level of display quality. The cost of this monitor is also not very high but affordable for a featured monitor.

Dell designed this monitor with an InfinityEdge bezel which is a great idea for providing more screen space for the display of images because the size of this monitor is not so big but at the same time is not small also and lies in the middle of these know as the moderate size of 27-inch.

The screen display quality of this monitor is QHD with a maximum screen resolution of 2560x1440P. The IPS panel of this monitor can provide you with wider viewing angles up to 178×178 degrees along with vibrant colors and accuracy.

The screen of this monitor is more consistent in the terms of colors because I cover 99% Rec. 709 and 85% of DCI-P3 color spaces which is a gamut of professional cinematic colors. Delta E value of this monitor is also less than 2 which is the perfection of its calibration.

The screen refresh rate of this screen is normal 60Hz and is according to the standard. To improve your multitasking experience, predefined templates are available but you can also customize your own according to your requirement by using the Easy Arrange feature of the Dell display manager application. All required ports are also available on this monitor for the connectivity of video sources.

  • Outstanding images on Quad-HD screen.

  • Maximum screen area with thin body profile.

  • Maximum coverage of different color gamuts.

  • Cable management system for a clutter-free desktop.

  • All types of screen adjustments including a portrait.

  • Local dimming is not present.

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5. BenQ EW2780U

BenQ EW2780U

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Now it is the turn of BenQ for providing you with the best monitor which can complete your experience with the latest and most useful features needed for your quality work. EW2780U is a great monitor that provides you maximum satisfaction with its many useful features including color accuracy, fantastic sound, and many other features related to the display quality.

The display quality of this 27-inch monitor is very high and is Ultra-HD which is also known as 4K supporting a maximum screen resolution of 3840x2160P.

It will be a great experience for you to use a 4k display for the creation of your content.IPS is the type of display screen while its backlight technology is LED. The brightness level of this screen is 350 nits which is a very bright display and is suitable for 4k display monitors.

To increase the sharpness of images displayed on the screen of this monitor, a higher static contrast ratio of 1300:1is supported by this high-end monitor. The response time of this IPS screen is 5ms (Grey to Grey). The viewing angle of this monitor is 178/178 degrees and the aspect ratio of this screen is 16:9 to increase the screen area for display.

The screen refresh rate is standard 60Hz while the color depth and accuracy are increased. The color depth of this monitor is 10-bit because this monitor can produce 1.07 billion colors. The pixel Per Inch (PPI) of this screen is 163. Different eye care technologies are part of this monitor and different connectivity ports are available for the connection of display sources including USB Type-C and HDMI.

  • Higher quality content creation with 4k display.

  • IPS panel for vivid colors and viewing angles.

  • HDRi support for customization of colors.

  • Infrared sensor for periodic break times.

  • Integrated speakers of 2W each for audio.

  • Screen adjustment is limited to tilt-only.

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6. Sceptre C305W-2560UN

 Sceptre C305W-2560UN

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Here is another and last versatile display monitor that can be used for multiple purposes including gaming also. Sceptre is a famous name for the designing and manufacturing of high quality and top performance display monitors s and C305W is one of these. VA screen of this monitor is also curved to give an equal distance from the user’s eye to every inch of this screen while sitting at any angel on front of this monitor.

Monitor size is 30-inch which is included in big-sized monitors and the display quality of this monitor is Full-HD but the maximum screen resolution supported by this monitor is higher than traditional Full-HD monitors and it is up to 2560x1080P.

The body profile of this monitor is ultra-slim and the screen of this monitor is also ultrawide having an aspect ratio of 21:9 which gives more screens are to use with applications display and it increases the multitasking experience of the user when multiple applications are getting displayed at the same time on a single screen.

The response time of this screen is 1ms (MPRT) and this responsiveness is very higher in the case of static graphics or text. The brightness level of this screen is 250 nits while its screen refresh rate is 85Hz which is higher than the ordinary screen.

The contrast ratio of this monitor is also higher which makes the dark areas perfect dark and brighter areas better bright. The stand of this monitor adds another attraction to this unit due to its unique circular shape which is different from other routine designs.

  • Slim, Edgeless, ultrawide, and curved monitor.

  • VA screen having Full-HD display quality.

  • 21:9 aspect ratio for more screen area.

  • Higher static contrast ratio of 3000:1.

  • Attractive back cover luminous with lights.

  • Maximum tilt angle is narrow.

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Buyer’s guide for best monitors for content creation:

Content creation:

It is the process that passes through a few steps and later is converted into information or user experience about some object. This process is started with the selection of some topic that can be new and is going to discuss for the first time while it can be the common also about which a new experience or information is shared with other users.

This information can be new or even add new or more detail to the already present discussion. After the selection of the topic, the selection of format is the next step which can be audio, video, animations, or text.

After these decisions, content is created either by writing, editing graphics or video, or other according to the selected format. After these steps, the created content is uploaded to the site or to the content management system from which that is finally published on the website and becomes available for the users.

Types and Expression of contents:

An expression is a way that is selected for the disbursement of created content and for this purpose several ways are present and each way is called a medium. Different forms of expression of different contents are audio, video, webpages, blogs, ads as well as other ways also. Content can be in different forms including songs, audio, videos, short films, text, hypertext, etc.

Usage and benefits of Contents:

Contents are created for some particular products also and are used for marketing which is the new trend of marketing due to the high use of social media networks. The online purchase rate is higher than the traditional purchase due to many benefits. For an online marketing strategy, different content is created for different segments of the internet like different content for social media which can further separate for different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. Similarly, content creation will be different for a website or blog site.


Content creation is not simple work but very hectic due to which simple or ordinary monitor can be harmful to these users because they are required to sit in the front of a monitor for a very long time which can be harmful to their eyesight and can be the reason for eye strains. All the above monitors have eye care technologies along with other features of the flicker-free screen and low blue light emission. That’s why you can easily go for any of these according to your preferred size.  Stay connected and keeps commenting.