Monitor Screen Size Comparison A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Whether buying a monitor for programming, gaming, everyday needs, or professional use, always choose the right size. Obviously, you want to have a monitor that offers a remarkable viewing experience. So it’s important to be aware of what your monitor should consist of and should follow monitor screen size comparison.

Nowadays, the most popular sizes among many users are 24, 27, and 32. Which one you should select totally depends upon your preference. Choose the one that best suits your needs but keep a few aspects in your mind. 

This guide will tell you about the difference between monitors, such as 24 inches, 27 inches, and 32 inches. It will help you to easily decide which monitor is best for you. 

Monitor Screen Size Comparison

Let’s talk about different aspects of the monitors in the following section:

1- Size

Monitor Screen Size Comparison

The monitors come in different panel sizes such as 24 inches, 27inches, or 32 inches; that’s why their size varies. Though this number shows what the monitor’s panel size is, finding out the actual dimensions of a screen is too essential. Because dimensions are often different among various brand monitors. 

Size Monitor Screen Size Comparison

2- Resolution

The size of the monitor also determines the resolution it can support. This is the most obvious difference you might have noticed when coming across different monitors. 

The 24 inches monitor is often equipped with 1920 x 1080 resolution, which is also referred to as full HD or 1080p. On the other hand, 27 inches and 32 inches monitors better support 3480 x 2160 resolution, also known as 4K resolution.  


1440p is the mid-way option between 4K and full HD. But only go for this option when you are searching for a budgeted monitor. 

The 24 inches monitor is capable of accepting higher resolutions. But it is not recommended unless your programs and software are compatible with this lower resolution. 

3- Distance

Another important aspect associated with monitors is their distance from the users’ eyes. There must be a distance maintained according to the size of the monitor. Just think for a while, if you use a 32 inches monitor for your routine tasks or even gaming, it is too big to handle. Moreover, it captures more space on the desk as well.  

Monitor screen size comparison display size Distance

You should prefer the size of the monitor that gives you a more comfy viewing experience. The best distance between you and the 24 inches monitor screen should be 50cm ~ 60cm. For a 27 inches screen, the distance should be 60cm ~70cm and for 29 inches, it should be 70cm ~ 80cm. The 32 inches display is a bit large, so the distance has to be 80cm ~ 90cm for optimum viewing. 

4- Text Scaling and On-Screen Display

The size of the display also puts effects on the on-screen display like menu, tabs, menu, icons, and widgets. When it comes to a 24 inches screen, the scaling’s standard size is large. So, according to the screen, the size of the scaling seems larger. But it is beneficial in this manner that you don’t have to squint your eyes more for perfect viewing.

Text Scaling and On-Screen Display

As the size of the display increases, the text and tabs become smaller. The 27 inches display is though bigger than 24 inches and contains higher resolution but the text appears smaller. But it is not a big issue as you can alter the text’s size according to your preference. 

The 32 inches screen is too tough to use as its display size appears much smaller without text and icons’ scaling. But if you don’t go for text scaling, you will face trouble in using your computer. 

5- Cost

The 27 inches and 32 inches monitors are more expensive than 24 inches monitors. It is not only the display size but different other factors that are also involved in determining the price of a monitor. Although budget matters a lot, remember, you’ll use your new monitor for many years to come, so you can invest more. But still, the selection of the size of the monitor depends on your choice. 

6- Picture Quality

The pixel density and resolution are more responsible for picture quality rather than anal size. But there is a fact that big displays provide better pixel density as their overall picture quality is awesome. It means the bigger display shows crisp and sharp images and text.  

picture Quality

But keep this point in mind that if 24 inches and 32 inches monitors both are having same resolution then 24 inches monitor will work well. 

7- Setup

When you are purchasing a monitor, must keep in mind the space your room or office has for placing it. If you need two or three monitors for multitasking, in such a situation, space consideration becomes more essential.    

If you need a monitor for routine web surfing or computing, a 24 inches display is just perfect. Whereas a 32 inches monitor is quite suitable for editing and demanding tasks, but not for casual purposes. So, always prefer the monitor size or add more monitors in your setup according to your use and available space.

8- Speed

The speed of a monitor is related to the responsiveness that it shows on receiving input. The monitor’s speed has not a direct link with its size because this factor is more associated with the resolution and input rate.  

In this matter, 27 inches and 32 inches screen sizes offer higher speed. What boosts their speed is the higher resolution and low input lag. You can choose 24 inches screen when the average speed doesn’t bother you or you’re not working on challenging tasks requiring higher speed.  

Final Verdict

In this guide, we have presented the monitor screen size comparison of 24 inches, 27 inches, and 32 inches screens. We described different aspects of these monitors for helping you decide easily which monitor suits best to your need. 

As you have to use a monitor for a longer duration, so purchasing the wrong one will bother you whenever you’ll use it. So, take some time out to consider your requirements. It will lead you to buy the right product you will always love to use.