Travel Monitors For Laptops – Best Portable Displays 2021

It is the time of mobility and everything which is used with computer systems is becoming portable. Nowadays, the same is the case with monitors also. For a better understanding of data and information, a good monitor is included in the basic requirement of the computer system. Due to an increase in mobility, the demand for portable monitors is also increasing day by day. That’s why a variety of travel monitors for laptops – The best portable displays are available in the market.

Travel Monitors For Laptops – Best Portable Displays:


1. Asus ZenScreen Go MB16AP

travel monitors for laptops

Portable monitors are of great importance especially in the case when these monitors are required to use on the way while traveling. The design of this monitor is ultra-portable by having just 1.87 lbs weight and 0.3 inches thickness. It can easily carry anywhere with the user while on travel.

At that time, during traveling, the power source is also mostly not become available. So in such a situation, Asus ZenScreen Go MB16AP has its importance among its competitors because this monitor comes with a built-in power source. 7800mAH battery is installed in this monitor as a power back like laptops and mobile phones.

The size of this portable monitor is 15.6-inch which is Full-HD in display quality. Another important thing in portable monitors is the connectivity option because it also attaches the video source with the portable monitor along with the power provides.

An added advantage of this monitor is its USB Type-C connectivity which is not only used for display but also provides power to this monitor. A single cable is used for this purpose. If there is not the availability of USB Type-C on your laptop or device then USB Type-A can also use with the help of a converter.

In this way, a hybrid signal solution is also part of this monitor. The brightness level of this monitor is 220 nits and the screen refresh rate of this monitor is 60Hz. Both landscape and portrait orientations are supported by this monitor. The base of this monitor is also foldable.

  • 15.6" Fhd IPS USB Type-C portable monitor with hybrid signal solution for compatibility with USB Type-C and Type-A sources (Note: Display Link driver needed for Type-A connection)
  • Ultra-portable award-winning design at 1.87 pounds and 0.3 inches slim to pair perfectly with Asus laptops
  • Built to be on-the-go with 7800mAh battery for ultimate compatibility with both laptops and phones
  • Smart Cover and smart pen hole allow for landscape and portrait orientations easily with auto rotation. Operation Temperature-5~35℃
  • Asus Eye Care technology with TUV Rhineland-certified flicker-free backlighting and blue light filter minimizes eye fatigue.Brightness): 220 cd/㎡
  • 60 hertz
  • Best portable laptop with USB interface.

  • The better display quality of Full-HD resolution.

  • Has a built-in battery of 7800mAH.

  • USB Type-C interface with Type-A converter.

  • Auto orientation adjustment with a gyroscope.

  • Colors are not fully sharp.


2. HP Business V14

best travel monitors for laptops

Business V14 is a fully compact and portable monitor that is carefully designed by HP keeping its mobility in mind. The design of this monitor is fully supported for portability by having 3.17 lbs weight with cover and just half-inch thickness. You can easily take this monitor along with you when going outside from your home or office.

Size of this monitor is 14-inch and you can easily keep it in our bag. The display quality of this monitor is also Full HD by having a maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080P. In this way, there is no compromise on display quality by HP in its portable monitor also.

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For the connectivity of the video source, a USB cable is used and a USB Type-A port is the part of this monitor which also acts as a power source for this monitor. The type of this monitor’s screen is LED with back-lite and the response time of this screen is higher than other ordinary monitors. 25ms is the response time of this monitor because it is built for portability, not for general purpose usage.

The brightness of this screen is 170 nits with a native contrast ratio of 700:1. The aspect ratio of this monitor is 16:9 for maximum screen area. The required power for its operations is 7W while the standby power of this monitor is just 500 maw.

  • USB Type-A port for interfacing and power.

  • Unique Advanced Plane to line switching.

  • 14-inch Full-HD monitors easy to handle.

  • 60Hz screen refresh rate with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

  • Brightness 170 nits with 700:1 contrast ratio.

  • No screen rotation for vertical orientation.


3. ViewSonic VG1655

cheap travel monitors for laptops

ViewSonic is another big name in the manufacturing of display monitors. VG1655 is a great portable monitor from ViewSonic having different advanced features and qualities.  This monitor has an Ultra-Portable design by having just 2 lbs weight. The size of this monitor is 15.6-inch which is not small and due to its very lightweight body, it is very easy to carry anywhere along with you whenever needed.

The display quality of this monitor is Full-HD by having 1920x1080P. The body design of this monitor is frameless and its maximum screen area is available for display. The stand of this monitor is also built-in while for the protection of the screen surface, the cover is also the part of this monitor.

Dual USB Type-C ports are the part of this monitor which are enough for this monitor to provide connectivity with a video source and these both are enough for providing 2-way power which is used by this monitor for the delivery of data, audio-video, and other use.

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Another added feature of this monitor is its gaming portability. This monitor can be used for playing games and in this way, gaming cannot stop anywhere you go due to this portable gaming monitor. The screen of this monitor is loaded with all other features which are required for comfort viewing like a flicker-free screen and blue light filter. Moreover, for impressive sound, this monitor also has built-in speakers.

  • ULTRA-PORTABLE MONITOR: Weighing just under 2 lbs., this 15.6-inch portable monitor can be easily packed and taken with you wherever you go
  • 2-WAY POWERED USB-C: With dual USB-C Ports, the VG1655 can deliver data, audio, video, and power over a single cable, with laptops able to power the monitor via two-way power
  • OPTIMIZED FOR PORTABLE GAMING: Connect your gaming devices to play games anywhere
  • STAND COVER & SCREEN PROTECTOR: Each monitor comes with a durable screen cover and a built-in stand for orientation in both portrait and landscape modes
  • ENHANCED-VIEWING COMFORT: Flicker-free technology and a blue light filter provide all-day comfort
  • LOSE THE DOCK: Connect video, audio, data and power with a single USB-C cable and plug in peripherals like USB drives and mice with the USB hub
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: The VG1655 supports laptops, PCs, and Apple/Mac operating systems with Mini-HDMI 1.4, and USB-C inputs
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX: Portable Monitor with Cover, USB C to USB C Cable, USB C to USB A Cable, Mini HDMI Cable, Power Adapter
  • Dual USB Type-C ports for 2-way power.

  • 15.6-inch monitor weighed below 2 lbs.

  • Monitor with stand cover and screen protector.

  • Flicker-free screen with a blue light filter.

  • Affordable in price and Full-HD display quality.

  • No Built-in battery for backup.


4. Gechic 1503H

travel monitor for laptop

Gechic 1503H is a very sleek and compact portable monitor that can connect with various devices which may include laptops, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, etc. The body weight of this monitor is just 1.75 lbs while the thickness of this portable monitor is 1.1cm. With this lightweight and slim profile, you can carry this monitor without any problem.

The display size of this monitor is 15.6-inch while the type of screen is IPS which is standard for accurate colors and wider viewing angles. Due to the portable monitor, the IPS type of screen increases the productivity of this monitor because viewing angel is not get disturbed and remains the same while viewing from any in any position.

Display of this monitor is Full-HD and the maximum screen resolution supported by this monitor is 1920x1080P. This monitor is equipped with Rear Dock Expansion and all the connectivity connectors are placed behind this monitor. Sue to this rear docking, working with this monitor is becomes more simple by attaching all the devices from the backside of this monitor.

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Multiple type connectors are available on this portable monitor for the connectivity of different devices. These connectors include VGA, USB, and HDMI. Due to the availability of HDMI ports, all devices having HDMI connectivity can connect with this monitor.  For a full multimedia experience of this portable monitor, speakers are also provided in this monitor which makes this monitor full luxury.

  • PORTABLE MONITOR: 15. 6", 1080P Full HD, IPS monitor with HDMI, VGA, USB inputs
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: monitor weights only 798g with 1. 1cm in thickness
  • REAR DOCK PORT EXPANSION: provides you the connectivity on the back side of monitor and keep your total solution simpler
  • WIDE ANGLE: 170 degree vertical and horizontal viewing angle, LED Backlight Exquisite Brightness
  • VARIOUS APPLICATION: laptop, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mini PC, computer stick, HDMI wireless display adapter
  • Slim and light-weight portable monitor.

  • Wider viewing angles of 178/178 degrees.

  • 15.6-inch IPS monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio.

  • HDMI, VGA, and USB ports for connectivity.

  • Stand with vertical and horizontal orientation.

  • Design of monitor is very simple.


5. Lepow Z1 Pro

travel monitors for laptops

Lepow Z1 Pro is another high-class portable monitor that provides you all features of general use desktop monitor. By having this monitor along with while on move, you never miss your daily use, normal monitor, because this portable monitor fully facilitates you. The profile of this monitor is according to its portability by having 1.71 lbs weight and ultra-slim body.

The size of this monitor is also 15.6-inch which is also Full-HD having a maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080P. The panel type of this monitor is IPS which is perfect for wider viewing angles. Another added advantage of this portable monitor is HDR support which increases the clarity of the picture and also improves the picture quality.

Viewing angles of this IPS screen is accurate from any side and are also wider. 178/178 degree (HxV) viewing angles of this monitor give the detailed display without any missing. 3 different display modes are available in this monitor which are the duplicate mode, extend mode, and second screen mode. You can choose your appropriate display mode when started to use this monitor.

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USB Type-C is the part of this monitor for the connectivity of the display source and power. The landscape and Portrait mode of this monitor provides a built-in option for auto-rotate because due to the USB Type-C port, different devices can connect with this portable monitor including mobile phones. This monitor is also a portable gaming monitor by having dual built-in speakers along with other valuable features.

  • [FHD 1080P IPS Screen] Lepow USB C 1920*1080 portable monitor delivers a truly immersive viewing experience that lets you enjoy High-Definition entertainment and gaming. The 15.6 inch Full HD IPS screen use eye protection that keeps your eyes from getting tired during prolonged use.
  • [Versatile Digital Connectivity] Mini HDMI & USB C ports design makes this portable gaming monitor more convenient to connect your laptop, smartphone, PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, or Switch etc. It's ideal for extending your screen or playing games on business trip, travel, or home entertainment.
  • [Stand Cover & Screen Protector] Lepow have added a smart cover and a screen protector to fully protect our monitor. The cover case is made of PU leather to provide excellent protection for the entire monitor and can be folded into different positions to create a stand. The protective film prevents the screen from being scratched.
  • [Slim, Light Weight & Portable] With a slim 0.3-inch profile and just 1.76 pounds, Lepow 15.6 inch portable monitor is ideal for your life and work to make a simple setup on-the-go dual-monitor and mobile presentations.
  • [Dual Speakers & HDR Mode ] 2 built-in speakers efficiently helps display multi-media files especially when listen to music/watch movies/play games. HDR mode support excellent mainstream transmission so that you can enjoy great video transmission in game and other entertainment.
  • Full-HD 15.6-inch monitor with 1080P.

  • Portrait mode is also supported.

  • Multiple ports for connectivity and power.

  • Ultra-slim monitor nearly frameless.

  • Dual built-in speakers and screen protectors.

  • Stand with landscape mode only.


6. Lenovo ThinkVision M14

best travel monitors for laptops

ThinkVision M14 is a superclass, high-performance portable monitor from Lenovo which has extended features. The portability profile of this monitor includes just 4.4mm thick body and 1.25 lbs body weight which makes this monitor easily carryable with you.

The size of this portable monitor is 14-inch due to which it can easily slide into your bag. The display of this fourteen-inch screen is very bright and clear which impresses the others also. The display quality of this portable monitor is FHD and the maximum screen resolution is 1920x1080P. No dought, ThinkVision M14 is a modern mobility solution.

The IPS screen of this monitor is LED with a backlit. The brightness of this monitor is more than other portable monitors. The brightness level of this monitor is 300 nits. Color accuracy and production of colors is also extended in this portable monitor. The IPS screen of this 14-inch monitor can produce 16.7 million colors.

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Screen refresh rate of 60Hz is also according to a standard general use monitor while the response time of this monitor is just 6ms which is also very lower as compared to other competitors. The base of this monitor is foldable with the help of fancy hinges instead of any other ordinary way. Dual-port of USB Type-C is available on this monitor which increases its power capacity.

  • 14" Fhd 1920 x 1080 IPS
  • 16. 7 million colors, 300 nit typical, 6ms with old - 60 Hz refresh
  • 2 x USB Type-C ports that supports DisplayPort 1. 2 Alt Mode and Pd2. 0
  • Low Blue Light Technology, Kensington lock slot
  • Tilt adjustable, weight 1. 26 pounds
  • Slim, unique, and attractive design 4.4m thick.

  • Foldable base attached with fancy hinges.

  • Significantly lightweight than others 1.3 lbs.

  • -5 to 90-degree adjustable monitor.

  • Easily manageable 14-inch FHD monitor.

  • Only USB connectivity option.


7. AOC E1659FWU

best cheap travel monitors for laptops

AOC is a famous name in the manufacturing of display monitors. Not only general use monitors, but this company is manufacturing portable monitors also. E1659Fwu is simply a great portable monitor manufactured by AOC. Price of this portable monitor is un-beatable and any simple user can also buy this monitor without disturbing the pocket or budget.

The design of this monitor is very sleek and attractive having an ultra-slim body. The total size of this monitor is 16in from which a 15.6-inch area is viewable. The maximum screen resolution of this monitor is 1366x786P having a static contrast ratio of 500:1.

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The brightness of this monitor is 200 nits while the performance of this monitor is very fast by having a response time of just 5ms. The screen refresh rate of this monitor is 60Hz which is also according to standard.

USB 3.0 is provided on this portable monitor for connectivity and high-speed data transfer. The single USB cable of this monitor is able for connectivity and power also making the functionality of this monitor simpler.

DisplayLink technology is also built-in, in AOC E1659FWU portable monitor which makes multiple USB monitors connection possible. The stand of this monitor is fixed, foldable, and also flexible which can make the orientation of this monitor portrait as well as landscape also. VESA wall mounting is also available with a portable monitor.

  • 16" (15.6" Viewable) Portable Monitor with High Definition resolution of 1366 x 768
  • USB-powered (no power cable required) with USB 3.0 technology. Simply just plug it into your Windows 10 computer's USB 3.0 port and enjoy vivid display on this second monitor.
  • Multiple USB monitors can be simultaneously connected to a single laptop to function as a multi-monitor PC or Mac after installing DisplayLink software.
  • Foldable flexi-stand for portrait or landscape view in Auto-pivot mode
  • Ultra slim design for easy carry on-the-go for business presentations and frequent travelers, and case is included. Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Ultra-slim and extremely lower in price.

  • Lower response time of 5ms for anti-ghosting.

  • Flexible stand for portrait and landscape view.

  • The standard refresh rate of 60Hz.

  • USB 3.0 with power option.

  • Color accuracy is not perfect.


Buyer’s Guide For Travel Monitors For Laptops – Best Portable Displays:

What Is A Portable Monitor?

A portable monitor is a display screen like of traditional display monitor but it can carry with you while on the go. Due to this reason, the body profile of a portable monitor is a lightweight and slim body. Along with this, the foldable base is also part of every portable monitor for the adjustment of the screen according to different orientations.

Usage Of Portable Monitor:

At a very primary level, portable monitors are usually used when the user remains frequently on-move or different business-related presentations are required to deliver on different locations. But the portable monitors are also used as the second screen.

When another screen is required to use for a longer period or on a temporary basis or even on a permanent basis also, portable monitors are preferred by users. Similarly, when a desktop is required to extend from the screen of one monitor to the other than a portable monitor is also included in the choice of user.

Display Size, Connectivity, And Audio:

Display size matters a lot for a portable monitor because as the size of the screen is getting increased, it becomes difficult to manage and its body weight is also getting increased. To keep the weight of portable monitors low and slimmer body, normally small size of the screen is used in portable monitors ranging from 12-inches to 15.6-inches.

For the connectivity, normally USB Type-C, Type-A, or minimum 3.0 is used because with these USB ports, data and power is managed with a single cable which simply the management of a portable monitor. Built-in audio tools are considered an extra tool for making the portable monitor luxurious.

Following is the list of Travel Monitors for laptop – best portable displays, which we select for you. Let’s start reviewing this list of portable monitors.


These are the best portable display which you can use while on the way. If you are a frequent traveler and need some display best suited with your laptop then one of these is just for you, for which you can go easily. Your comments are the source of oxygen for my work so keep commenting.

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